BMW launched the iX electric crossover as its technology flagship, so there is no reason why it would not get a high performance version with "M" name. It was not a matter of “if” but a question of “when?” Now, the German premium carmaker answered that question by unveiling the 2023 BMW iX M60.

BMW iX M60 Combines Best Of Three Worlds

BMW touts the iX M60 as an embodiment of the best of three worlds: BMW i, BMW X models and BMW M. Central to its electrifying performance are two electric motors operating on M-specific current-energized synchronous machine principle. This means that metered electrical energy, instead of permanent magnets, excites the rotor. This results in higher peak power delivered in the typical BMW M manner.

When the driver engages the Sport Mode and activates the Launch Control, the electric drive system of the iX M60 delivers 610 hp of max output and 811 lb-ft of instantaneous torque. With such huge amount of power, the iX M60 can zoom from nil to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. Since this intense power delivery continues steadily into high load ranges, the iX M60 retains almost the same pace until it reaches its electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

The BMW iX M60 boasts a low drag coefficient (Cx) of just 0.26, which doesn’t only benefit performance, but also the EV’s efficiency and range.

Superior Handling And Cornering In M Style

BMW built the iX M60 with low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution. This allows the iX M60 to offer superior performance not just on the straight line, but also when negotiating corners. The iX M60 features precisely controlled handling that ensures a more confident drive at all speeds and the typical BMW M driving feedback.

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Also aiding the dynamics of the BMW iX M60 is its suspension technology comprised of a double-wishbone front axle, a five-link rear axle, and electric steering with Servotronic assist and a variable ratio. BMW also fitted the iX M60 with an M-calibrated adaptive dual-axle air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers.

Underpinned by the BMW Group's new future modular system, the iX M60 features a new generation of sensors, new software, and a powerful computing platform.

To Arrive In The US This June 2022

BMW iX M60 electrifying

The iX M60 distinguishes itself from the standard model with special M details, including blue painted calipers and the M logo. Optional exterior elements are also available. The iX M60 will arrive in the United States in June 2022.

Source: BMW

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