Everyone loves a Shelby GT350. They are some of the most awesome muscle cars made, derived of course from the legendary Ford Mustang. But some are pretty scary thanks to a multitude of modifications that their owner has done to them.

David Patterson of ThatDudeinBlue on YouTube recently drove Adam LZ’s incredible 900 hp Barra Shelby GT350, and he claims that it is one of the scariest cars he has ever driven. And judging from the video, it's hard to disagree with that sentiment.

The Full Ins And Outs Of This GT350

So under the hood is that mighty Barra power, with 900 hp and 900 ft-lb of torque. Then there is a Garrett turbo capable of 1,200 hp and with no front sway bar, and massive tires in the back. So keeping it straight is just a nightmare. The transmission in this car is a sequential PPG transmission, something Patterson hasn’t actually driven before. It's slightly unusual though that despite all these changes, starting the Shelby is exactly the same as on a regular version. Apparently, first gear actually takes you to 75 mph, so Patterson could do the whole video in one gear!

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Driving The Barra Shelby GT350

Barra Shelby GT350 Barra Engine View
via ThatDudeInBlue

Driving the Shelby, what was a 2016 car, is one hell of an experience. The reason the engine is actually swapped in this car is thanks to an early oil filter issue with the first Voodoo engines in it. The filter vibrated off in this GT350, and then it caught fire, hence the scorch mark on the front fender. As Patterson drives, the shifter is vibrating quite a lot, and the car is incredibly floaty to drive, thanks to the lack of the sway bar. Patterson says that makes this car very “sketch.” And we see that in his first acceleration attempt, with some strong language highlighting how scary this car is.

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Zero Traction And A Wobbling Shelby

Barra Shelby GT350 Head On View
via ThatDudeInBlue

Patterson had virtually no traction as he put his foot down, and the back and front ends were all over the place. But the sounds the Barra engine produce are just insane, like nothing you would ever hear from a Mustang. It is quite the terrifying car to drive. Patterson wonders if perhaps skinny tires at the front would help the car, as the tires on it at the moment seem to have almost too much grip. But you could argue that some of the appeal of this car is just how terrifying it actually is.

Source: ThatDudeInBlue YouTube Channel

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