Classic Ford Mustangs are some of the most popular muscle cars in the world. And perhaps even more special are the classic Shelby Mustangs, such as the GT350. Modifying one of these would seem crazy, but a digital car rendering can do this without touching the real version. Highly talented renderer Emmanuel Brito has crafted this epic rendering set of a Shelby GT350 with a special, widebody performance kit that makes it look like it is ready for some racing action.

Front End Detail Stands Right Out

Perhaps the most interesting features of this rendering come from the front of the car. The classic Shelby fascia is evident, but now we have quite an interesting bumper arrangement and a lip spoiler at the bottom. It isn’t a full-blown splitter, but there are aero flicks across it and turning vanes at the sides that should add extra performance. It's hard to miss the hood vents that help direct airflow into the engine, and the headlights have undergone a modern transformation. Furthermore, it looks like modern LEDs are now in place, and they add quite a menacing glare to the car.

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Rear End Detailing Is Fascinating

Shelby GT350 Widebody Rendering Rear View
via personalizatuauto Instagram Page

The back of the car shows off some great bits of detail too. There is surprisingly no lip spoiler at the back, but the taillights have undergone the same modern style redesign that the front headlights have gone through. They retain the same pattern as on the original car, but they do look a lot more 21st century than 20th century. The back view of the car gives us a great view of the wider wheel flares too at the front and the back of the Shelby.

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Epic Widebody Kit Enhances The Appearance

Shelby GT350 Widebody Rendering Front Quarter View
via personalizatuauto Instagram Page

The widebody details on this Shelby are impressive. As is the matte army green color Brito has added to the car. The fender flares add great width to the car, and vents at the front of the rear fenders should channel some nice air over the tires. The quarter panels have got some added bulk too, and this Mustang now looks more like a 1960s touring car than a muscle car. It looks very much track ready. The tires are much, much bigger as well, and the golden bowl wheels are the icing on the cake of a truly fantastic-looking car.

Source: personalizatuauto Instagram Page

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