Thanks to performance tuners, a factory-fresh car can be become more potent and greater looking. Firms have been able to expand their reach through independent dealers around the world. In South Africa, Race! is the company to approach if you're looking for performance products from Novitec or Brabus. Bijon de Kock, host of Novitec's Supercar Diaries series on YouTube, offers a quick tour of Race!'s headquarters in Johannesburg.

Novitec's Official Partner In South Africa

In past episodes of Supercar Diaries, de Kock featured a number of interesting cars in South Africa, like Novitec's Ferrari 812 N Largo. Also featured was a Porsche high-performance conversion from Techart, the GTstreet R. If you're wondering who imports or builds these custom cars not only for South Africa but for the African continent, it's Race!

Essentially, Race! was featured on Supercar Diaries because it's Novitec's gateway to the region. But it wasn't originally a tuner, detailer, and builder of custom cars. Race! started from two wheels with an engine, or what we commonly call motorbikes.

Bike Beginnings To Exclusive Performance Partner

Race! is owned by Marco Casciani, who used to race superbikes professionally. Race! was essentially founded in 1996 but had its official start in 2004. Back then, the company's expertise only covered bikes, mostly those expensive and fast ones. Several of the company's clients own sports cars and alike. Seeing how capable Race! was in customizing their bikes, these clients started asking Casciani if they could also customize cars.

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Soon, clients began pouring in, bringing their cars for Race! to work on. To offer a greater range of customization works, Race! also transformed itself into a dealer of high-end tuning brands and custom cars. Among the brands it carries are Novitec, Brabus, Liberty Walk, TechArt, Rizoma, and more. Nevertheless, the company never strayed away from its first love—motorbikes.

A Mantra That Never Compromises Functionality

Now, Race! operates a showroom and workshop in a facility located in Gauteng, Johannesburg. Its philosophy behind modifications remains the same as it did in past years—never compromise functionality. It's considered a prime place for affluent car owners in the region to bring their cars and bikes for a tune up, body modifications, detailing and even paint jobs.

Source: Novitec Group

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