The Brabus Invicto Luxury may not be faster than a bullet and more powerful than a blast. But at least, it's tough enough to withstand both. As it name explicitly tells us, this Brabus creation isn't just about providing ample protection, but also accommodating its occupants in utmost luxury. But can it really protect occupants from bullets and blasts? A quick look at this Brabus creation on YouTube can answer that.

Made To Withstand Rifle Bullets And Grenade Blasts

Essentially an armored and more luxurious version of the Mercedes Benz G 500 or G 63 models, the Invicto Luxury is designed to offer wholesome protection inside and out. The company's YouTube video is proof how the Invicto Luxury could withstand high-powered rifles and blasts from various grenades.

For the test, the body and glazing of the Invicto was subjected to 437 shots of 7.62 x 39 caliber rounds – equivalent to the bullets of an AK-47 and M-43 –as well as to blasts from 12.5 kg of PETN explosive charge (4 meters from the side) and 15 kg of TNT charges (1 meter height).

The Invicto passed all tests with flying colors, and the Beschussamt Ulm (the German certification office for weapons and security engineering) certified the Brabus armored creation with with the VPAM BRV 2009 standard for bullet resistance and as per the VPAM ERV 2010 standard for blast resistance.

Protection Redefined: Shelter Cell And Run-Flat Tires

Brabus Invicto Luxury shelter shell
Via Brabus

Tagged as the secret to the protection prowess of all Invicto models, is the so-called “Shelter Cell,” a self-contained, bolted-down protective cell made from hot-rolled steel armor plates, as well as various protective fabrics, fibers and metal/ceramic composites. This armoring adds about a ton of weight to the Invicto, but people needing ample protection won't care.

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Interestingly, the armored G-Wagon rides on Invicto 9.5Jx20 wheels with a higher wheel load rating and shod with 275/50 R 20 W 113 heavy-duty tires, also with an extra load rating. Should the Invicto comes under fire, the Invicto can make a run for another 31 miles at 31 mph (50 km at 50 km/h) even when the tires have been destroyed.

Widebody Creation With Luxurious Leather Interior

Brabus Invicto Luxury interior
Via Brabus

Wrapped in Brabus Widestar widebody (optionally available in naked carbon), the interior is luxurious and refined with a Brabus leather interior using the finest leather and Alcantara. Of course, the leather cabin can be tailored to the color and design preferences of the customer.  Indestructible while looking good.  Forget supercars, this is the superman of cars.

Source: Brabus

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