Ken Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn is a monster in its own right, boasting a massive amount of power in a lightweight package. Robin Shute’s ultra-lightweight Wolf racer is another monster, with as much power as a 2021 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Hoonigan arranged for these two different monsters to go head-to-head in the latest episode of "Hoonicorn vs The World 2."

New Blood Racing Against A Hillclimb Champ

Hoonigan Head Honcho Ken Block already handed the keys to the Hoonicorn over to Lia, his 14-year-old daughter. Lia is certainly a chip from the block, showing that she also has the same racing pedigree as her more accomplished father.

Coached by some of the best drivers in the world, she seemed unfazed competing against Robin Shute, a living legend of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). But this race is not about Lia and Robin, but about the power-laden Hoonicorn and the ultra-lightweight PPIHC-winning racer.

By the way, the Hoonicorn also challenged the Pikes Peak when Ken Block did the so-called Climbkhana in 2017. Both cars are not drag racers, and yet straight-line contests at the Santa Margarita Ranch Airstrip will determine the score.

Tale Of The Two Racing Monsters

Let’s review the specs of both cars. Essentially as heavily tinkered 1965 Ford Mustang, Hoonicorn has the power advantage with its twin-turbo V8 engine delivering 1,400 hp to all wheel. The 3,000-pound car features a six-speed paddle shift Sade V gearbox.

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Meanwhile, Robin is driving a 2018 Wolf GB08 TSC-LT weighing just 1,300 lbs. Its core is a 2.0-liter Honda K20 engine delivering 650 hp to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission. While it’s difficult to pick which of these racers would win, two-thirds of the Hoonigan crew picked the Hoonicorn.

It’s Not Just About Power And Weight

The first contest is a 1,000-ft drag race, with Lia and the Hoonicorn getting an easy win. The second run was a rolling race, and Lia had never done one. That might have work to Robin and the Wolf’s advantage, as the PPIHC champs took the second run. Lia got the hang of the roll race as she and the Hoonicorn grabbed the win in the final run.

On paper, the Wolf actually has a slightly better power-to-weight ratio. But those who picked the Hoonicorn actually explained the win before it happened. The Wolf had no hard launch, with power sent only to the rear wheels. The AWD nature of the Hoonicorn also helped spell its win.

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Robin Shute Reclaims King Of The Mountain Title At Weather-Shortened Pikes Peak Hill Climb
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