The Hoonigan team is most famous for its This vs That and Hoonicorn vs The World series. These are two very cool drag racing series that see a variety of cars up against each other. This time around, Hoonigan are running the This vs Plaid series, where a rival car comes to take the fight to a Tesla Model S Plaid. This week, it is the turn of a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R with 700 hp to take on the might of the Model S.

Comparing The Two Cars

As you might expect, these two cars are very, very different from each other. The Model S Plaid has 1,020 hp from its three electric motors. It weighs in at a chunky 4,828 lbs, has all-wheel drive and a one-speed automatic transmission. The Skyline meanwhile has 650 hp to be precise, a Getrag six-speed transmission, an RB26DETT engine and all-wheel drive. Crucially, it weighs less than the Tesla at 3,432 lbs.

The Skyline is the property of Brad of RivalGTR, and it’s a stunning example, and very tastefully done too. The R34 was all built by Driver Motorsports, and there is a lot of Vibrant Performance titanium in the engine bay.

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The Nissan And Tesla Go Head To Head

This vs Plaid R34 Skyline Full View With Brad And Hoonigan Crew
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

The Model S Plaid is owned by Johnny, and he is the Plaid regular for this series. Most of the Hoonigan guys predict the Plaid to win, but their heart is with the R34. The first race is the 1,000 ft head-to-head and the Model S Plaid gets an electric launch, and there isn’t anything that Brad could do to catch up. But the sound the R34 makes is absolutely insane. It might have lost, but it certainly wins in the noise department.

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Time To Negotiate For Round Two

This vs Plaid R34 Skyline Final Drag Race Drone Shot
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

The team reconvene to negotiate a fairer fight for the two cars. Round two sees the Tesla put into Sport Chill mode, with another 1,000 ft head-to-head. Plus a passenger for Johnny, and those who know will have predicted the crushing win for the R34, with chill mode looking very chill. Next up, the Tesla gets ramped up into Sport mode and its another 1,000 ft head-to-head. It's closer than round one, but once again the Tesla wins this week's edition of This vs Plaid. It didn’t help how Brad missed a gear, but it was still a fun spectacle.

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel

Hoonigan YouTube video of their series 'This Vs Plaid'
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