Chevrolet Performance and Hoonigan unveiled at the 2021 SEMA Show an outlandish build called the 1988 Chevrolet Camaro Sport Concept. It was nothing short of a head-turner, especially since a 1,004 hp crate engine served as its beating heart. Hoonigan’s Build Biology revealed the drama that happened while they were assembling this powerful concept to life.

Building A Car Around A 1,000 HP Crate Engine

Hoonigan’s Suppy and Alex (and crew) were responsible for building the 1988 Camaro Sport Concept. At the time, Chevrolet Performance had just revealed its new ZZ632/1000 crate engine, which could deliver 1,004 hp of output and 876 lb-ft of peak torque (93-octane gas). This mill requires no turbochargers to deliver such power, but instead makes use of RS-X high-flow aluminum cylinder heads with symmetrical intake ports.

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As Suppy recalled, they received a call from Chevrolet Performance asking them to build an entire car around the new crate engine. It was not an easy task, as he and Alex had to build everything, except for the big block crate engine.

Only Three Weeks To Complete The Build

Chevrolet Performance wanted to showcase the concept car at the SEMA 2021 (which they did), which meant Suppy and Alex only had three weeks to complete the build. The duo already fabricated the base of the car and its other parts and components, but the crate engine had yet to arrive at the workshop.

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Instead of waiting, Suppy and Alex built a mock-up engine with plastic parts, and dropped it on the build—ensuring that everything was already sorted out by the time the real engine arrived. They received a working prototype a week after they started the build. It arrived with no accessories, so Suppy and Alex installed their own while keeping in mind the usual Hoonigan abuse. They installed a water pump and alternator meant for a trophy truck, shaved the engine bay, and fitted a five-gallon radiator.

Build Finished Right Before SEMA Show 2021

Suppy and Alex also beefed up various components, including the four-speed Jericho dog box, the clutch transmission, shafts and more. With help from their friends, the duo redesigned the entire rear suspension and came up with a four-link system. After reinforcing the car with braces underneath, they installed massive brakes.

The duo then fixed a one-off 3D-printed body kit, which they plan to replace with a carbon fiber version before the high-speed tests. The duo completed the build with a Hoonigan-style livery and custom American Racing wheels shod with Nitto rubbers.

Source: Hoonigan on YouTube

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