In the heady days of NASCAR - when stock cars really were STOCK cars! - every manufacturer sought an advantage on the track. This required homologating an engine, body part, or etc. on the street with a certain quantity produced so it could be rightly used for racing purposes. And thus was born the radical "Winged Warriors" of the late 60's and early 70's. The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona - and its Plymouth Superbird stablemate - in particular were created solely to win on NASCAR's high-speed tracks such as Daytona and Talladega. With their slipstream aero nose, giant integrated rear wing and other unique features, they were unbeatable on the racetrack.

And these homologation units destined for the street also cut quite an impressive path. These "Winged Warriors" were fitted with big blocks and only about 500 models were produced making them the rarest and most desirable of all muscle cars. And this one found in the pages of Hemmings is up for sale right now.

The One, The Only, Daytona!

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This particular car was "sold new on March 3, 1970 to Terry Alden out of St. Joseph Dodge in St. Joseph, MO. The complete chain of ownership is intact, from the original owner to present. The documentation even includes affidavits from the previous owners, each detailing their experience with the car. Documentation also includes multiple factory broadcast sheets, original registration, a copy of the original dealer for sale ad, title history, Dyno Sheet, as well as Judges Notes for both the OE Gold Certificate and MCACN Concours Gold. Perhaps most importantly, there is a signed photo of the all the owners with the restored car together, from the first owner to the man who restored it."

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Purpose Built For NASCAR

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The engine, transmission and entire underhood are absolutely immaculate and at a 2012 Mopar Nationals event no points were deducted from this car. Not only does it have extensive documentation proving it to be original but the block and heads are correctly tagged and painted. Additionally, the supplemental ownership history correctly traces the maintenance and miles to the present day.

Winged Warrior

The video above gives a great walkaround of the car in all its glory. The restoration was top notch and a prime example of this "Winged Warrior." And while it certainly isn't cheap at $350,000 it's only going to go up in value given its rarity and historical value. Buckle up.

Sources: Hemmings, Mecum

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