Restoration jobs -- especially when it involves cars built ages ago – aren’t easy. Restoration companies literally spend not just hundreds, but thousands of hours to restore decades-old cars to their near-pristine state. One of these cars is a Dodge Charger R/T built for the 1969 model year. The restoration work is so outstanding that I thought I went back in time.

Restoring An Icon

1969 Dodge Charger R/T front
Via Classic Investments

The second generation of the Dodge Charger is considered an icon. This is mainly because of the muscle car’s famed appearance in a number of TV shows and movies. It shot into fame when it appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard TV show. Moreover, modern-day movie fans easily recognize the second-gen Charger as the drive of choice for Dom Toretto in the Fast And Furious films.

Because of its iconic status, the second-gen Dodge Charger is one of the most-sought after classic muscle cars. Driving one on the streets can easily catch attention. While you might not look as cool as Dom, you’ll easily gain approval from motorists and pedestrians alike. That’s the charm of the muscle legend.

Thorough Restoration In And Out

1969 Dodge Charger R/T rear
Via Classic Investments

Nevertheless, it would be hard to find a second-gen Charger that looks like it just came off the production line. But this 1969 Dodge Charger R/T certainly looks brand new, thanks to the superb restoration work undertaken by Classic Investments in the United Kingdom. The company merged the old with the new to ensure that the muscle car can still keep up with its modern-day peers.

Among the things done for this restoration work is the installation of a performance camshaft and a Holley 770 Street Avenger series 4 barrel carburetor onto the Charger’s massive 440-cubic inch V-8 engine. Classic Investments also installed a high-flow stainless-steel exhaust system, a sport-tuned suspension system, as well as an upgraded steering and brake systems.

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Meanwhile, Classic Investments refurbished a number of interior elements – including the gauges, controls and radio. The company, however, replaced other elements with better ones. For instance, the Charger R/T features real Wenge wood accents and Italian leather trim.

3,000 Hours Of Muscle Car Love

1969 Dodge Charger R/T interior
Via Classic Investments

Classic Investments didn’t say how much it spent to return this Dodge Charger R/T to its former glory. The company, however, did say that it took around 3,000 hours to complete the restoration work. Well, as you can see in the pic above, Classic Investments did a great job restoring this automotive legend.

Source: Motor Authority

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