Every program that’s filmed and aired on reality TV is tailored to achieve certain objectives - the most important of which is entertaining its viewers. And aside from an amazing cast and crew - led by Chris Hunnam in the role of Jackson "Jax Teller - the show's bikes themselves have many stories to tell.

If you're a fan of Sons of Anarchy, we're guessing you're probably a big fan of Harley-Davidsons the cast rides on as well. So in this list, we're going to be highlighting some of the less mundane snapshots of the show's cast with the sheer affection they show for their bikes.

In our quest to find out more about the group and how much attachment they have for their bikes, these are the images we found of the cast and their bikes off-screen.

14 Jax's Bold Harley-Davidson Dyna

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Starring as the main character in Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller wields an image befitting of a leader - both rugged looks and tough attitude. His Harley Davidson, a Super Glide 2003 Dyna is equally intimidating. Off the set though, Charlie Hunnam (Jax) adores riding this bike and is known to be a die-hard motorcycle fan, in general.

13 Cool Roadside Snaps

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One intriguing aspect of this cast is that they’ve come to mimic the real outlaw motorcycle club in many ways. Harleys are designed uniquely away from conventional bikes. They portray might and their sheer numbers simply intimidate. The cast in Sons of Anarchy seemed to delight in drawing the attention of on-lookers even when they’re off-set.

12 Munson And Trager

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Bobby and Tig Trager are two crucial characters in Sons of Anarchy and, by extension, their Harley-Davidson Dynas which they always ride on. These guys don’t just ride them because the script calls for; they own theirs and love to ride them.

11 Dr. Tara Knowles Atop A Super Glide Sport

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In the Sons of Anarchy episode, Maggie Siff plays Jax’s girlfriend, but away from drama, the duo could be seen occasionally riding on one bike. It is not uncommon to find Jax and Maggie together as they meander through some of the lush green hinterlands of California.

10 The Shot That Required Camera Tricks

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Recording or shooting moving scenes requires is particularly complex and requires special contraptions that usually cut away the vehicle itself. Motion pictures in most movies are captured using surveillance cameras with capabilities such as ultra-sensitive interline CCDs. It takes a push of a button and the entire episode behind the curtains would be captured and stored even in the absence of the cameraman.

9 Ready To Ride

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While the cast is not required to re-group for filming, it seems they would still rehearse on their own. Like in this picture, almost the entire crew is present yet off camera. Counting from the further end there’s Happy Lowman with his 2011 Harley Dyna, Clay Morrow atop his Super Glide, and at the center Chibs Telford also with a Dyna Street Bob resembling that of Happy’s. Another Dyna Super Glide is with Jax Teller at the extreme right.

8 And A Time To Label The Harleys

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This photo was snapped behind the scenes, in an episode where the Sons rode their Harleys as a final send-off of one of their own - the departed Donna. Notice the bright orange sticker on each one of the bikes letting everyone on the street know that this is, in fact, a funeral procession.

7 “SOA” Engraved On The Fuel Tank

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We imagine that having your gang's initials neatly engraved on the fuel tank of a badass chrome Harley Davidson Dyno would be a sure-fire way to prevent anyone from touching your bike. And there it is; beautifully engraved.

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6 Tailor-Made Harley-Davidson For Jax

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It is only Jax who knows whether his Super Glide Dyna is custom-made or not. However, being the star of the program, Jax deserves an intimidating Harley that appeals to both young and old viewership. The bikemaker, on the other hand, hopes Jax’s sleek Dyna would endear itself to young enthusiasts of the program. In this off-set shot, Hunnam looks to be in a pensive mood.

5 Angel's Bike

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Angel's bike seems to be a custom Softail Deluxe tailored with a low-profile suspension and an overall exaggeration on handlebars’ height. Because of this customization, the bike is a lot harder to ride. So, as opposed to Charlie Hunnam, Pardo allegedly had to be trained on how to ride this bike properly for the show.

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4 The Antagonist Angel Reyes

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Another notable character is seen here, all alone. J.D. Pardo or Ezekiel Reyes who plays a tough representative of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Although Angel appears in the Sons Of Anarchy as an antagonist, the Mayans MC series features him as the main character, following the events of the Sons of Anarchy show.

3 On-Set Selfie

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Both Tig and Lowman are not known for good traits on the show. We were made to understand that one of them had been a hitman. This is a hilarious behind-the-scenes photo of the duo in their SOA clothes taking a selfie.

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2 Jax’s Street Glide Off-Set

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Being the main character in a TV show calls for extra initiatives on the part of the actor. Jax, so often imposing in his role during the Sons of Anarchy show, is seen here taking self-rehearsals off-camera. And judging from this snap, Jax may either be trying to get accustomed to this Glider or simply enjoying the ride on this incredible Harley.

1 SOA Adore Their Bikes And They Love To Show It

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According to Hunnam’s interview with Motorbike Times, Harley Dyna’s appearance on the Sons of Anarchy is crucial because, according to him, the cast will have something to discuss further to just the plot itself. Secondly, the show’s producer wants them attached to individual actors as signature props.

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