Volvo is one of the most reliable and well-respected car brands in the world. The company is famous for producing very reliable and very safe cars, but perhaps not quite so much for special, dark trim edition vehicles. Until now. Volvo USA has launched a new, special edition of the S60 sedan called the Black Edition. This special, limited run S60 will be available solely in the United States as a 2022 luxury car.

A Very Small Number Of Black Editions

Volvo S60 Black Edition Side View In Black
via Volvo USA

This Black Edition styling for the S60 will be a limited run of just 450 vehicles during 2022. It will become available from Volvo on the plug-in hybrid S60 Recharge, as well as the mild hybrid S60 Momentum and R-Design trims. On top of the standard edition of the S60, the Black Edition will feature some very cool and exclusive high gloss black 19-inch wheels and standard metallic paint, to help it stand out from the crowd. Gloss black covers the grille, Volvo badge and grille slash at the front. The side sees high gloss black wheels and window trim, which should help the Black Edition stand out from the other S60s.

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More Details On The Black Edition S60

Volvo S60 Black Edition Metallic White Rear View
via Volvo USA

All badging at the back of the car is in high-gloss black, which includes the Volvo wordmark, model name and the motor designations. Darkened tailpipes help to accentuate the car's appearance. The car is available in just two colors, which are the very stealthy Onyx Black Metallic and the Crystal White Metallic, for those who like a higher contrast look. The car is set to have an MSRP of under $40,000, although Volvo have not yet confirmed the actual set price for the S60 Black Edition.

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Specially For The United States Market

Volvo S60 Black Edition Black Front View
via Volvo USA

The S60 Black Edition is the product of the Volvo Cars Ridgeville, SC plant, and is specifically for the US market. The design of the car is from the Volvo US design studio in California. It started out as a passion project in January 2021, before the timeline was, in fact, accelerated in November 2021 after Volvo executives visited the United States and fell in love with the design of the car. It was then approved for production on the spot and skipped the normal design approval process. Volvo says customers interested in this special edition should contact their local retailer.

Source: Volvo USA

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