When you think of Alfa Romeo automobiles, what is the first model that pops up in your mind? Probably the Guilia, the Quadrifoglio, the Stelvio or other brilliant recent models. But have you ever thought of their classics? Alfa Romeo is a well-known brand worldwide, appreciated in many countries for its high-quality, unbeatable, and beautiful models.

Alfa Romeo brand stands as one of the longest surviving automotive companies in the world. Its official production began in 1910, and one of the earliest models was the 8C 2300 Spider, released in 1930. The Spider got its name from an earlier model, the Alfa Romeo 6C 1500, which was produced from 1927 to 1929; the 8C Spider was simply a reworking of the 6C with 2 more cylinders.

As such, it carried an inline eight-cylinder engine, which, of course, provided superior performance to its predecessor.

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The 8C Spider: A Success For The Alfa Romeo Automobile Company

Red 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
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Alfa Romeo is one of the earliest automobile brands, and the making of the 8C did not disappoint the brand's enthusiasts. Alfa Romeo designed the 8C Spider originally as a sports car. Its incredible and unbeatable performance on the tracks brought so much fame for the manufacturing company.

As a result of its active participation in both long and short distance races, the 8C Spider became very popular. As well as participating, it had impressive performances to its credit, accumulating about 50 medals in all the races it competed in.

After its invention in 1931, the 8C 2300 Spider participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Not only did it come first that year, but it also remained unbeatable for the next three years in the same competition. One of its impressive and unforgettable victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans was in 1933. There were three Spiders in the top three spots, different drivers, same beast! It also became the first Italian brand to win in La Sarthe.

The 8C Spider also won in several other renowned competitions like the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio. In 2019, Alfa Romeo's Spider won the Gran Turismo award at the Pebble beach Concours d'Elegance.

Many often compare its outstanding performance to that of the Ferrari 250 GTO - a rare car to come by.

The 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider: A Befitting Bodywork For A Legendary Sports Car

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A lot of people appreciate the fact that the 1931 8C 2300 is not just about its performance. In addition to stellar performance, this classic sports car also had a striking framework.

Zagato, the company in charge of the body framework of the legendary car, designed a masterpiece. Although we cannot compare this design with the sports cars in our days, the beauty of Alfa Romeo's 8C stood out among other sports cars during its time. People believe that it won the Gran Turismo award in 2019 not just because of its performance, but also because of its beauty.

The 8C is a two-door coupe and a two-seater sports car. The construction of the body is made of aluminum, making the car a lightweight production car- a major factor that enhances its speed.

The sports car sits low on a short chassis, has its radiator placed low, and has a high wing design. Perfect flowing body lines is not a recent invention in automobiles. The design of the 8C Spider - a high wing design, serves as flowing lines that form a framework for the tires on both sides.

This sports car had no bumper, and had a typical 1900s front grille design with three headlamps. The only noticeable feature on the rear is nothing but the extra tires - a requirement for its purpose.

The interior of the sports car is basic, having just the major things needed for a race - gauges, time, and a low ride seat to make the driver comfortable.

The 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Produces An Astute Performance

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The 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider didn't just achieve all its success due to its nice bodywork, its engine made the difference. The perfect engine layout was the handwork of Vittorio Jano.

The 8C Spider came with a 2.3-liter supercharged inline-eight that produced 142 BHP at 5000 rpm, and it has a top speed of about 115mph. Alfa Romeo paired this engine with a 4-speed manual transmission.

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How Much Does A 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider Cost Today

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Zagato Spider
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Considering the limited number of 8C Spider sports cars produced, most of the original models are auctioned at a pretty high price. A 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C has sold for as high as $11 million. The price often varies, and this is applicable to the 1931 model as well. While some have been auctioned at a lesser price, others have had outrageous prices put on them. After all, it's a legendary classic.

For its legendary automotive significance, the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, inclusive of the 1931 model, is one that can never be laid aside. Alfa Romeo stopped the production of its 8C Spider after it made about 188 units of the sports car. Simply put, the 8C 2300 Spider is a legend that lives on.

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