With the debut of the Indian Pursuit, America's First Motorcycle Company unleashed the next generation of American V-Twin touring performance. The 2022 Indian Pursuit asserts its claim as the most competent and sophisticated touring machine on the road, with a liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, smooth ride-enhancing technology, a chassis-mounted fairing, and a plethora of touring comforts. Riders may choose from two models, each with two trim levels, for a total of four options to meet their unique style and riding inclinations. In addition, the Pursuit Dark Horse and Pursuit Limited are two motorcycles that come with a premium package that includes sophisticated ride-enhancing technologies and other comfort amenities.

The new 2022 Indian Pursuit has been revealed, and it seemingly sets the standard of touring bikes to a new all-time high. It offers superior rider comfort without compromising even a tad on the typical Indian performance.

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Designed For Long Rides

A Black 2022 Indian Pursuit On The Road
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The bike is based on the Indian Challenger Bagger, which debuted in 2020. The Pursuit adds a higher adjustable screen, with fairing lowers, a larger, more comfortable double seat, and a massive top box with a pillion backrest. Heated seats and a sophisticated 'infotainment' system, as well as extras like an adaptive headlamp and electrically adjustable rear suspension, are among the extra features.

The Pursuit's all-new Premium Package features electronically adjustable rear suspension preload, Smart Lean technology that interacts with a Bosch IMU to improve ABS and traction control while cornering, driving lights on the lower fairings, and a "premium designed" heated seat. The electrically adjustable suspension is also offered as an optional extra for Pursuit models. In addition, the Pursuit will come equipped with 35 gallons of power-locking storage, heated grips, an electronically adjustable windscreen, ventilated lower fairings, and, of course, Indian's 7-inch screen and Ride Command system, even without the Premium Package. Hydraulically adjustable Fox mono-shock in the rear is a standard feature on the Pursuit.

The Limited version's engine, exhausts, crash bars, luggage rack, bars, and mirrors are all finished in chrome, and the wheel rims have machined alloy edges. On the other hand, The Dark Horse has all of its components finished in matte or gloss black. Both variants are black, with the Limited also available in 'Alumina Jade' and the Dark Horse in silver or gray.

Indian's new electronically-adjustable rear preload, which is offered as an optional extra, complements the aluminum chassis. Brembo brakes are standard, as are dynamic traction control and cornering ABS. A redesigned top box expands baggage space, while the new 'comfort' seat, which features a heating control in addition to the standard heated handlebar grips, keeps the rider relaxed overall.

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The Upscale Tech On The Bike

The Advanced Cockpit Of A 2022 Indian Pursuit
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These motorcycles by Indian have a variety of entertainment and information systems. A 7-inch touchscreen powered by RIDE COMMAND is positioned on the dash, with functions like live traffic/weather, smart destination search, vehicle health, and vehicle location. The display also includes a real-time clock, ambient air temperature, heading, audio information display, map/navigation, Bluetooth status for phone and headset, vehicle status including tire pressure, voltage, engine hours, and oil change, and vehicle information such as speed, fuel range, RPM, and gear position.

The infotainment also has Apple CarpPlay integration as a standard feature. Other electronic features include a 200 Watt Audio System with AM/FM, USB, Weatherband, and 12V Charging Port. The bikes are also featured with LED lighting, including Pathfinder LED Headlamp.

The Power-Packed Indian Engine

The Powerful Engine Of A 2022 Indian Pursuit
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The Pursuits' engine remains the same - the Indian's water-cooled PowerPlus 60-degree V-twin produces 122 horsepower at redline and 128 lb-ft of torque at 3,800 rpm for a top speed of roughly 125 mph. The engine-control electronics have been tweaked to accommodate the increased mass and heaviness caused by the additional gear and cargo. Displacement is 1,768 cc, and compression is 11-to-1. Traction control is included as a standard. With the accessory air cleaner and camshafts, performance may be improved even further, with 10-percent greater power and three percent more torque.

The engine is an overhead cam, four-valve-per-cylinder, water-cooled V-twin, far from Indian's air-cooled, pushrod design. As a result, the Pursuit's engine offers fractionally greater torque and much more power than the Roadmaster's 1890 cc Thunderstroke. It also has rear cylinder deactivation, reducing heat soak and boosting efficiency. Rain, Standard, and Sport riding modes change the IMU-assisted traction control settings and throttle responsiveness, as one would expect from an Indian bike.

Black Metallic, Deepwater Metallic, and Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic are some color choices for the Pursuit Limited. In addition, black Smoke, Spirit Blue, Silver Quartz Smoke, and Ruby Metallic over Black Metallic are all Dark Horse color options. The new Pursuit will be available in two models: the Pursuit Limited with chrome accents, which starts at $29,999, and the Pursuit Dark Horse with blacked-out finishes, which starts at $30,999. Each model will also have an all-new Premium Package option, adding $3,000 to the total amount.

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