The Monster is a naked middleweight motorcycle from legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati. Being part of the fourth generation of the Monster lineup, the 2022 Ducati Monster is here to enthrall the motorcycling enthusiasts with its supremely enticing appearance, exquisite handling, and all the other quirks associated with owning and riding a Ducati. The Testastretta v-twin motor remains unchanged as well.

The Monster has always been known for its razor-sharp handling and riding dynamics, and that is why this naked bike is a notch above some of the rivals like the Yamaha MT-09, Kawasaki Z900, and the Triumph Street Triple. Available for a base MSRP of $11,995, the 2022 Monster also retains all the bells and whistles that you could think of, including the feature-rich 4.3" TFT instrument cluster. Here are 10 things why every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Ducati Monster.

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10 The Improved Testastretta V-Twin Powerplant Is Powerful And Smooth

2021 Ducati Monster front side

Coming with the mighty Testastretta 937cc DOHC liquid cooled v-twin motor that also sees duty in the Multistrada V2 and the DesertX, the 2022 Monster really is a monster in terms of performance. Putting out 111 hp and 69 lb-ft of torque, this motorcycle lights the twisties on fire with its incredible acceleration.


Being a v-twin, the Ducati Monster has plenty of low-end and mid-range performance, which is superior to many of the rivals. As a result, overtaking is quite easy. However, it is the top-end that impressed us the most. Even though it is not as fearsome as the Hypermotard, the Monster accelerates like a bat out of hell. The power never tapers off close to the rev limiter, and that makes it a perfect track tool.

9 The Ducati Monster Is Adequately Refined For A Twin Cylinder

Via: Ducati

Unlike the inline-3 and inline-4 motors of the rivals, the V-twin powered Ducati Monster is not the smoothest motorcycle in the segment. There are very minor vibrations that creep up into the handlebar at about 6,000 rpm. However, it is not going to affect the riding experience in anyways, as it is very minor.


As you approach the redline close to 10,000 rpm, this V-twin motor puts out vibrations in footpegs. Even this is not something that would bother many of the riders, as it can be completely muted down with the help of a nice pair of boots. These minor vibrations make the Ducati Monster feel more characterful, too.

8 Well-Padded Seat And Plush Suspension Make It A Great Commuter


Both the rider and pillion seat offers a decent level of padding, making it quite comfortable for both city riding and for those long-distance freeway trips. The seat offers above-average side bolstering, too, making it fairly comfortable throughout the ride. There is an adequate amount of legroom as well.


The suspension setup is well-balanced, especially in comparison to the Street Triple and the MT-09. This helps the Ducati Monster to absorb most of the irregularities on the roads with utmost confidence. However, the sharpest of the bumps and potholes do filter in. Even then, the ride doesn't turn out to be uncomfortable by any means.

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7 Ergonomics Are Just Right


One of the biggest advantages of the Monster is the almost upright seating position for the rider. This makes the motorcycle very comfortable, offering minimal fatigue. The wide handlebar, well laid out switchgear and other controls, and the slightly rear-set footpegs are great for comfortable yet sporty riding.


The Ducati Monster comes with a 32.3" seat height as standard, and that makes it adequate for both short and tall riders. Along with that, Ducati also offers a reduced seat height of 31.4" with a seat modification, which can be particularly useful for people under 5'7" of height. You can further reduce the seat height to 30.5" if you opt for the optional spring kit change.

6 Braking Performance Is Probably The Best Of The Segment


Sharp brakes have always been in the DNA of all the Ducatis. The same ethos is present in the 2022 Ducati Monster as well. Coming with radially mounted Brembo calipers with 320 mm dual disc, the Monster offers extremely sharp and progressive front brakes. As a result, beginners will need to be careful, as it could lead to stoppies.

2021 Ducati Monster side rear

The rear brakes also offer similar performance. Even though the rear brakes of most of the motorcycles are not that impressive in the naked middleweight segment, the Monster's 2-piston Brembo floating caliper with 245 mm disc takes care of the rear braking. It is sharp, progressive, and stops on a dime. Cornering ABS is onboard for the front and rear too.

5 The Ducati Monster Looks Brilliant From Every Angle


The older, third generation of the Ducati Monster was considered one of the most beautiful-looking motorcycles ever made. When it comes to this updated fourth-generation, we think that the Ducati has done a wonderful job. Even though it doesn't get the iconic painted trellis frame of the outgoing model, many other elements help the Monster to stand out.

Via: Ducati

The front end looks handsome due to the neatly incorporated LED DRL and the round LED headlight. The blacked-out inverted forks, a small visor, and the wide tires look impressive too. However, it is the side profile that looks the best. The dual exhaust, chrome headers, blacked-out engine casing, and exposed frame bits make the bike look more expensive.

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4 Unmatched Handling And Riding Dynamics Makes It A Fun Tool To Tackle Corners


Being a superlight motorcycle (curb weight of just 414 lbs) coupled with a stiff aluminum frame means that the Ducati Monster has rock-solid stability and unmatched corner-carving potential. Another aspect that the makes this motorcycle quite enjoyable around the corners is the 43 mm Kayaba inverted forks at the front and the preload-adjustable Kayaba mono-shock at the rear.


All of this contributes to excellent lean-in angle and precise line-holding character. Being a lightweight motorcycle also adds to the cornering ability, as it is very flick-able, irrespective of the speeds that you do. The suspension is adequately stiff for both the front and back, and that imparts great confidence to the rider. It is an exceptional freeway tourer, too, as it is not highly affected by the crosswinds.

3 Comes Loaded With All The Tech And Features


The 2022 Ducati Monster comes loaded with all the features that you could think of for the price. To start, ride by wire technology is onboard the Monster and that makes the throttle response quite precise. There are multiple riding modes on offer too, which modifies the character of the motorcycle significantly. Apart from that, ABS (three different modes) comes standard as well.


Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is offered with 9 different intervention levels, aiding both newbies and experienced folks. Other electronic features such as Smart Power Mode, wheelie control, launch control, Ducati Quick Shift, and many more come standard too.

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2 TFT Display Offers All The Bells And Whistles

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This 4.3" TFT color display has been lifted from the Ducati Panigale V4, and that makes the Monster quite upmarket. Coming with both night and day mode with automatic toggling due to the inclusion of an ambient light sensor, this instrument cluster is very easy to read. The display gets quite bright, and the viewing angles could shame the infotainment screens of many of the more expensive cars out there, too.


This instrument cluster displays all the basic information related to the speed, RPM, coolant temperature, engine oil temperature, gear position indicator, odometer, trip information, and many more. Apart from that, rider modes, traction control & ABS modes, etc., can be accessed through the buttons on the left side of the handlebar. With Ducati Multimedia System, the display can connect to the smartphone and display music, navigation, calls & messages, and many more.

1 Heating Has Always Been The Monster's Achilles Heel


The Testretta V-twin motor is a high compression ratio short stroke engine, and that does make the Ducati Monster heat up quite a bit. Even with the liquid cooling technology and a massive radiator upfront, the 2022 Monster still heats up significantly during the bumper-to-bumper traffic. This can make the ride quite uncomfortable too.


The heat from the radiator is directed towards the rider's legs, and that is another major gripe that has been reported by many Monster owners. However, unlike the earlier generation of the Monster, the fourth generation Monster users haven't reported any head gasket issues due to the overheating of the motor.

Ducati Monster 937 feature wheelie
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