There are plenty of female Internet influencers who drive around in fancy cars. However, Emelia Hartford is different from most of them, because not only is she an Instagram influencer and model, she actually loves to tinker and race her cars. There are more girls in the car business. For example, there is Constance Nunes from Netflix's Car Masters and even Supercar Blondie for that matter. But fans think Emelia is at another level altogether.

According to her Twitter, she believes, “The car world would be pretty dull if every person who bought a car didn’t experiment with changing things up to improve or tailor to their preferences. Keep the industry alive”.

Whatever be the case, Emelia Hartford seems to have a growing fan base, on social media as well as YouTube and is making the best of it by striking up sponsorship deals and launching her merchandising lines. How much is she worth? Well, the numbers are not all that clear, but they do run big. And with 567,000 followers on Instagram, fan numbers run pretty big as well.

But does everything she does work for her fans? And her bank?

Emelia Hartford Is Making Most Of Her Money From YouTube

Emelia Hartford’s YouTube Channel Has Garnered Some 551,000 Subscribers, With Her Videos Getting Another 56 Million Views
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Emelia Hartford’s YouTube channel started in 2017. Till now, it has garnered some 747,000 subscribers, with her videos getting a whopping 85 million views. Most of her videos get 200,000-500,000 views, with some even crossing the 1 million-plus mark.

One of her videos has nearly 3 million views, where she spoke about and did work on her Nissan 240SX, a car she had got a while back as a wreck and now has been LS-swapped to become a drift racer. Hartford called the journey pretty emotional... And there are plenty of more videos from where this came from.

Born in 1993, Emelia is just 28 years old, but according to various websites, she is somewhere in the $1-2 million net worth bracket, though these are all guesstimates and no one can say for sure what she's worth.

While her videos garner her plenty of moolah, a lot of her money also comes from her sponsorship deals with various car tuning and racing brands, along with her line of merch called With Love Supply, which she claims will help and support mental health.

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More Than A Pretty Face, She Truly Does Work On Her Cars

Here’s How Much Emelia Hartford Is Worth Today
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Last year, Emelia celebrated her birthday by getting her hands on a C8 Corvette. The 2020 C8 Corvette is a mid-engined beauty with prices starting around the $60,000 mark, so it isn’t exactly the cheapest thing around. She tinkered with it a lot and eventually killed the engine. However, like a phoenix, it rose from the ashes and went on to become the world's fastest C8 Corvette.

Emelia once said in an Instagram post of hers, “End of the day, I like working on cars. I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. I’ve been doing it full time, every day for the past three and a half years and part-time for years prior. It’s not going anywhere. Thanks for listening.”

Even so, she was trolled a bit from blowing up her twin-turbo C8 Corvette. According to Dexerto, she isn't the first YouTuber to add a twin turbocharger setup to the LT2 V8 engine in the C8. But she is one of the first to destroy the engine of the C8, knowingly taking things too far.

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Emelia Is A SAG-AFTRA Actress As Well

Emelia Hartford Is Versatile And Multi-Talented SAG-AFTRA Actress
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When she is not YouTubing and working on the cars she loves so much, Emelia Hartford is an actress. She has played the role of Sofia in the comedy mini-series Men, Women & Reality. Plus she was also in the Jimmy Nickerson directed movie From Mexico With Love as well as in Nightfall, directed by Dave DeCoteau. A versatile and multi-talented SAG-AFTRA Actress, Emelia also starred in the 2018 TV series Redbull TV: Drift Queen along with season 2 of the Netflix series, Fastest Car.

She has also been a judge on SEMA and a co-host of Daily Driven Exotics, and fans love her car videos.

On her Instagram, Emelia says she's okay with getting trolled because sometimes she doesn't work on her cars alone. Wrote Emelia, "The truth is, I enjoy working on cars with my friends, cracking jokes, lightening the load, and even learning from those who are much more knowledgeable and experienced than I am."

At the end of the day, this is a girl with a lot more knowledge about cars than the ordinary dude, and sometimes she gets flak for it. But she loves her cars and is an accomplished and rising star in the world of girls who love to work on cars.

An outdoorsy girl, Emelia goes where her heart leads her, and even killing the engine of her C8 Corvette did not wipe that sunny smile of her face because as she said it on Instagram, "We tore apart the LT2 to get a closer look... Smiling because I’m happy to announce I am partnering with Texas Speed on a 1,000hp+ LT2 build".

After that, the Corvette was rebuilt, stronger than ever and even went on to claim a world record. Emelia has also gone on to turn her grandmother's old Buick Regal into a 1500 hp monster affectionately known as the Grim Regal.

Guess all is well, that ends well...

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