Now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, German automotive manufacturers Porsche have been gracing the car industry with spectacular sports and supercars for more than half a century, and even though many of their widespread models are worth mentioning, there's one in particular that stands above all in Porsche's historic podium: the 911.

First released in 1964, the two-door, mid-engine sports car quickly gained renown and popularity amongst car enthusiasts, and its favored reputation only continued to grow as the years went by. Porsche would only continue to improve upon the 911 with each new release, and they rapidly began to put out crazier, track-focused versions of the base model 911.

In 1974, a decade after the release of the original 911, Porsche unleashed the 911 RSR as a further enhanced version of the already heavily modified Carrera RS, designed to tear up any track in its wake. Mated to a revised 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder with 315 horsepower, the 911 RSR instantly began to destroy its competition, and it dominated Group 4 racing for months upon months.

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How Much Is The 1974 Porsche 911 RSR Worth Today?

1974 Porsche 911 RSR 4
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As you can probably imagine, the 911 RSR from 1974 is an extremely rare vehicle; only 55 were ever built to begin with, and of those, only 15 were specifically built for the International Race of Champions series, so prices for one today are astronomically high considering you can't even find one that's for sale.

The cheapest 74 RSR sold in recent history (2017-2022) went for about $830,000, which is already a hefty price, but that's just slightly over half of what the most expensive unit sold for in the same time span, coming in hot at a price of $1,600,000. On average, then, It's safe to say that you can expect a 1974 RSR to go for around $1,200,000 as of 2022, and at the moment, only one example is for sale.

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Why Is The 1974 Porsche 911 RSR So Expensive Today?

1974 Porsche 911 RSR
via: Mecum

You might be wondering how it's even possible for a half-century-old vehicle to be worth the same or even more than most modern-day hypercars, especially when you consider that the latter are far superior in terms of technology, and even more so performance. The answer is simple, even though many may not understand it; the 1974 RSR isn't enticing because of its specs, despite the fact that those were what made it so legendary during its time.

The RSR is worth as much as it is mainly because of its exclusivity and rarity, the classical beauty it holds, and also due to the sheer historic value it holds in terms of competitive automotive track-racing. What's more, most '74 Porsche 911 RSR units have been maintained in pristine and original condition, exactly how they came out of the factory, and that means their value will only continue to increase as time goes by. One day, many of them will be on display in museums or private collections, boasting a value far superior to that of today.

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