Chances are you've seen this gorgeous gray supercar around. It has graced both the silver screens of Hollywood in the Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty and the virtual racing worlds of Forza and Gran Turismo.

While most people might not have known its make, model, or its specs, the car has left its mark on the automotive world. The distinctive looks of the sleek, low body profile coupled with the myriad of body slits, the car asserted an aggressively sporty vibe to anyone that had the pleasure of seeing it. However, regardless of its awesome aesthetics and potent performance, the car remains somewhat underappreciated in the car community despite increasing popularity over the last decade or so.

With the socio-cultural trends towards electric cars and rumors of manufacturers ceasing to implement big-displacement V8s, the 2003 Saleen S7 might just be the perfect option for an avid automotive collector. Read on below to find out why.

What's The Deal With Saleens?

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So, what is Saleen and what's their history?

First and foremost, Saleen is a company founded by racer, modifier and motoring enthusiast Steve Saleen. While the bulk of his work centers around highly modified Mustangs, that is not where it started nor is it exclusively all that he does. Saleen's first car was actually a 1956 Porsche Type 356 Coupe European Model, that he would later go on to repaint and modify before getting into Mustangs.

Long story short, Saleen fell in love with Mustangs after purchasing a Shelby GT350 in 1969 and spent the next couple of decades both racing personally and leading race teams. His involvement and passion for motorsport culminated in the creation of Saleen Autosport in 1983. Ever since its formation, Saleen Autosport has been responsible for creating some of the most powerful performances vehicles in America.

It's no wonder that their motto, "power in the hands of a few," rests so heavily on the emphasis of power.

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An Amazing All-American Powerhouse

Saleen S7 engine
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As alluded to above, performance is synonymous with Saleen. Steve Saleen with all his experience around cars simply understands the exhilarating feeling of driving high-performance vehicles.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that his 2003 Saleen S7 does not skimp on power. The engined featured in the 2003 S7 is actually a heavily modified Ford Winsor 351 V8, bored and stroked to be a 427ci V8. This monstrous 7.0-Liter mid-engine V8 setup produced 550 HP in its naturally aspirated variant, with the twin-turbocharged variants making anywhere from 750 HP to over 1,000 HP. Even more interesting is the fact that this car is fully American, using American parts and assembled in America as well. Admittedly, 550 HP is not a mind-blowingly high figure in 2022, however, do remember that the S7 debuted in the early 2000s and was one of the fastest cars of its time.

Externally, the carbon fiber body featured an assortment of various body slits, each fully functional; either promoting cooling or downforce. Furthermore, the carbon fiber body kept curb weight down to 2850 lbs, helping the car reach a top speed of 200 mph back in the early 2000s. Power was sent to the rear wheels only through a six-speed manual gearbox, allowing the driver to enjoy a whole other level of tactile control over performance that makes driving this beast just that much better.

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Technological Finesse And Everyday Comfort

Saleen S7 Interior
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So what does the interior of this sexy slate Saleen offer?

Well, the Saleen S7 isn't just impressive in the performance department. The interior was clad in luxurious leather throughout with aluminum accents. The bucket seats were covered in leather and the driver's seat was positioned more towards the middle for better visibility and weight distribution. Furthermore, the car was fairly technologically advanced as well, considering it was manufactured in 2003, hosting climate control, an audio unit and a monitor to view the reverse camera all on the dashboard.

Pricing, Social Patterns And Probability For Profit

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The 2003 Saleen S7 is an all-round amazing car, no doubt, but there are a couple of key features that make them a collector's dream, especially in 2022.

First are foremost, it's all American V8 performance at its best. America's love of V8 automotive beasts has remained consistent ever since the introduction of muscle cars in the 60s, surviving various social, political and economic changes. Additionally, production remained low across the years, meaning that rarity is set to keep pushing the value higher and higher over time.

If all of that wasn't enough, the current trend towards EVs and performance EVs, in particular, seems to indicate that high-displacement V8s will not be manufactured as often as they used to be, which again ups the value. Chances are that getting your hands on one of these bad boys will not only bring all the joys associated with owning a supercar, but will become an investment that is set to increase in value over time.

Sources: HotCars, Saleen and AutoEvolution

2003 Saleen S7 Front
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