Retromobile in Paris takes place every year around now at the start of spring – a huge collection of classic cars, sports cars, and more all under one roof in Paris, France.

Among the vintage Citroëns, Alfa Romeos, and Ferraris, there are sometimes a few high-profile surprises lurking within, waiting for someone to discover them.

This time there is a very famous guest, and it brings many of its friends along for the ride; we’re talking about the impressive collection of British McLaren F1 cars on-site at Retromobile and the bonus is that you get to hear them below in the video, too.

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The Fleet Of McLaren F1s At The Retromobile In Paris Is Impressive To Behold

It’s a rainy day in Paris, but there are some amazing and legendary vehicles making their way out of trucks and into the exposition venue to bring some sunshine to many fans.

Everything is still being set up, but we see the first of this $150,000,000 fleet of McLarens prowl slowly into the exposition hall – a dark green McLaren F1 GT, a long-tail version of the F1 that is actually a homologation version of the F1 GTR race car.

It’s wider than a standard car with a front splitter in black and the huge wing and extra rear end, adding a fair amount to the length of the F1.

There are more cars to come, with a fair share of standard F1 cars starting up and making their way very slowly into the light of day from the truck – it’s no surprise that there are people with cameras and onlookers at every step of the way watching and snapping the cars.

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McLaren’s F1 Is The Fastest Production Car Of The '90s And Every Kid’s Dream

McLaren F1 GTR 1996 Le Mans, front quarter view, rainy street
Via: YouTube via TheTFJJ

The McLaren F1 is a British racing car with the driver’s seat in the middle and two passenger seats situated to the sides and slightly rearward.

Under the hood – at the rear of the car – sits a BMW 6.1-liter V12, that makes an impressive-for-the-'90s, 620 hp and 230 mph and the whole thing is naturally aspirated making it one of the fastest non-turbocharged cars even today. It is a design, courtesy of Gordon Murray, and the exterior style still looks fresh today.

Alongside the standard F1s, there is another big surprise: a couple of McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans racing cars — a 1996 car and a 1997 car — priceless, presumably.

It’s great to see these things moving and even better to see them brought together for the enjoyment of the public where people can sneak a peek at one of the biggest legends on the automobile walk of fame in the flesh – just be careful putting them back in the truck, guys.

McLaren F1 on track
Watch This $20 Million McLaren F1 Hit The Track
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