We all know that running a supercar is expensive; with insurance, repairs, fuel and depreciation, and maintenance all costing substantially more than a standard car.

Thanks to Hoovie's Garage on YouTube, we get an insight into not just the foibles and costs involved in owning a Lamborghini, but also what else is going on in the world of the YouTuber gearhead.

The centerpiece of this episode is one expensive item that will hopefully transform one supercar into the fully working gem that it deserves to be.

This is what happens at the unpacking of a very expensive supercar part, and we see if it all works out well in the end.

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The Lamborghini Diablo’s Exhaust Manifold Costs More Than A Miata

Before Tyler heads on over to Car Wizards in his gray 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT, he tells us that of the three Lambos in his possession, the Diablo is probably the worst one.

He says that it never works correctly, and he details the changes that the car has had throughout its current ownership with him.

The other car, a 1989 Countach, is in better condition, but this Diablo now needs a new exhaust manifold due to an intrusive noise the car emits when on the road.

Tyler heads over to the shop to unbox the whopping $15,000 manifold system which although is super shiny and impressive, he hopes it will solve the problem of the noisy Lamborghini.

On an interesting note, this Italian supercar is sitting on two different sets of tires as it is difficult today to find tires that actually fit the car as they are increasingly becoming rarer.

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Tyler Hoover’s Long List Of Cars And Repairs Is Shocking To Behold

Tyler Hoovers Bentley Azure, dark blue, front quarter, in garage
Via: YouTube via Hoovies Garage

In addition to the Diablo’s exhaust swap, we can see a Porsche 928 which is in the shop for an interior trim refit, plus a new battery and some other work.

Tyler’s Mercedes ML 63 has past work amounting to around $3,000, and we get a quick look at a $5,000 Chevy SS truck undergoing a de-rust and partial rebuild.

Tomorrow the channel’s host needs to fly out to pick up a Bentley, but this is no Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, it's an Azure. It must feel good to have the car problems relating to being a YouTuber.

At Vango, we see the convertible Bentley collected by Tyler the next day. This car, previously owned by Jean-Claude Van Damme, looks incredible after a full detail and repair with shining chrome, glass, and paint, really making the car look like new.

Owning all these cars has a lot of ups and downs, with mostly ups, we’re guessing – but we’ll pass on the list of bills at the end.

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