Acura has finally announced the official specifications of the new 2023 Integra. Not only does it provide us a closer look at the new compact sports sedan. It also allows us to compare the nostalgic revival of the Integra against the modern competition. The Subaru WRX, Honda Civic Si, and the Hyundai Elantra N are quite impressive cars. But is the reborn 2023 Acura Integra capable of taking them on? We put it up against the Hyundai Elantra N to see how it plays out on paper in a head-to-head comparison.

Integra Vs Elantra N: Engine And Performance


The new 2023 Integra heavily borrows components from the latest Honda Civic Si. Acura is using the 1.5-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged motor. It is tuned to produce 200 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. All trim options of the Integra will be front-wheel-drive only along with a CVT that will be standard spec. However, Acura will offer an A-Spec option. It includes a six-speed manual gearbox along with a limited-slip differential like the Civic Si.

Hyundai Elantra N

In contrast, the Hyundai Elantra N uses a four-cylinder 2.0-liter, turbo-GDI engine. It is capable of delivering 276 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque. It has a lot more power and torque compared to the Integra. However, it is also front-wheel-drive only and features a clever electronic limited-slip differential. The Elantra N is available with an 8-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission. But the Hyundai has a neat trick up its sleeve in the form of an overboost function. The driver has a big red button which when pressed delivers an additional 10 horsepower for 20 seconds. Once depleted, it takes 40 seconds to recover before it can be used again. However, a three-pedal 6-speed manual transmission option is available sans the overboost function.

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Integra Vs Elantra N: Stylish Compact Sports Sedans

2022 Hyundai Elantra N
Via-Hemmings Motor News

The Elantra N looks like most modern Hyundais. It is sharp, edgy, and styled to be aggressive. The wide grille with a black treatment to the front bumper gives it a bold front design. The headlights are chiseled for a sharper look. The sharp rear-end styling along with the LED tail light that stretches across the width of the car makes it appear wider. The rear diffuser at the bottom may not be entirely functional. But it does look cool. Along the side, the Elantra N has a coupe-like sloping roofline that only adds to the sporty look of the car. It is finished off with a sporty spoiler on the boot.

2023 Acura Integra's Back View
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The Integra also features a sporty coupe-like roofline, but no big spoilers here. The front features the Acura signature grille flanked by a pair of sleek headlights that use a neat design for the LED DRLs. The rear three-quarter angle is the best view of the Integra in our opinion. The sweeping roofline that meets the tail is exquisite, and the LED tail light also adds to the car’s sporty appeal. Needless to say, the Integra is one gorgeous sedan that makes a compelling case against buying any popular SUV.

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Integra Vs Elantra N: Interior And Comfort

09 2023 Acura Integra front door open interior view
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The Integra’s interior is everything you may expect from a sporty sedan. The 2023 Integra is extremely cool seems inspired by the Civic Si, however, it is plusher and looks more expensive. The cabin of the Integra features a 7-inch digital touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the driver gets a 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster with customizable dials. The trims are largely covered in soft-touch materials and the sports seats are wrapped in faux leather for a touch of fancy.

2022 Hyundai Elantra N interior layout view

The interior of the Elantra N leans more towards being sporty than fancy. The driver seat in the Hyundai looks more like a cockpit. The digital gauge cluster and the larger 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system both are integrated into one seamless panel in front of the driver. The air vents feature a sleek continuous line across the width of the dashboard. The front passenger also gets a grab handle on the center console, so you know the Elantra N means business.

Integra Vs Elantra N: The Final Word

2022 Hyundai Elantra N front third quarter view

The 2023 Acura Integra has a lot going for itself. It looks elegant, and its interior design makes it a nice place to spend time inside. However, head-to-head against the Elantra N, the Acura falls short on many aspects. The Elantra N has a bigger and more powerful engine, a superior drivetrain, and an interior that looks just too good.

It may seem that Acura is simply playing the nostalgic game, reviving the iconic Integra badge. But in a market dominated by SUVs and quite a few impressive sporty sedans, it needs more to pull buyers. It may seem like the Elantra N has the Integra beaten on paper. But we must wait and see how they compare in the real world as that would formally be judgment day.

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