A tuned BMW 340i goes up against a tuned Mercedes C43 AMG in the ultimate drag race. The original cars are feisty and powerful enough without having tuning work. Therefore, it is so obvious that the race on the Sam CarLegion YouTube channel is going to make for an exhilarating watch.

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The Specification Battle

The battle of the cars' specifications is important here, as both are very similar. So much so, they are almost identical.

BMW's tuned 340i sees upgrades of a 3.0-liter inline-six turbocharged engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive expects its horsepower to reach around 400 and the curb weight of this BMW 340i is 3,849 lbs.

Moreover, the tuned Mercedes C43 AMG features a 3.0-liter engine too. This time, the Mercedes has a V6 twin-turbocharged engine that pairs with the brand's own 9-speed 4Matic transmission, which offers power to all four wheels just like the BMW's all-wheel-drive setup does. Also like the BMW, the C43 AMG expects to reach around 400 horsepower and the weight of this model is a little lighter with a curb weight of 3,759 lbs. Hence, the two tuned rides are very similar in specifications, so it makes the drag race pretty tight and difficult to assume who will win.

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The Drag Race Result

Tuned BMW and Mercedes racing
Via: YouTube

Although the specifications are almost identical, the drag race results for the tuned cars are far from it. In the first run, the BMW 340i zooms way ahead of the Mercedes C43 AMG and reaches a top speed of around 124 mph.

In run two, the Mercedes gets off to a better start, yet the BMW comes right beside it and zooms past it once again.

Thereafter, each run sees the same humiliating result for the Mercedes C43 AMG. The BMW and the Mercedes might offer the same horsepower, but the speed offering is quite different. The BMW 340i shows sheer speed time, and time again, by leaving the Mercedes C43 AMG behind on every run.

Although the Mercedes does not win in any of the runs, the owner Jason is still “pretty happy” with his car. Although it was a drag and roll race, it still stood up in an attempt to give the BMW tricky competition.

Overall, the tuning work for both cars helps to boost their performance. However, the BMW 340i does manage to thrash the Mercedes C43 AMG every time and the tuning work makes the car a lot faster than the expectations.

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