When it comes to making luxury cars, few companies put in the level of work that has defined Mercedes-Benz for decades. Their dominance exists in a segment comprising companies like Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and even local rival—Audi. Despite the high prices, luxury cars always prove their worth with high-tech and rich interior design.

Since 1972, the S-Class has been Mercedes’s instrument of authority in the luxury car market. By offering the wealthy and upper-middle-class a vehicle boasting a troop of insane features, they cemented their name as a leading figure. Like any other automotive segment, companies must innovate to keep the rest on the edge.

In December 2021, Mercedes-Benz announced a new S-Class vehicle, the powerful S580e. It's the type of luxury car driven to a party to gain maximum attention. Assembled at the company's Stuttgart plant, it is the climax of design and performance. Passengers and the driver are guaranteed complete satisfaction.

Many magnificent features have been included in the S580e, and we're going to highlight the best of them.

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What's Special About The S-Class?

An image of the Mercedes-Benz S580e
Via: Mercedesblog.org

The S-Class constantly benefits from the finest Mercedes-Benz design ideas. This sedan is the epitome of extravagance and thrills the world with each release. Aside from being the German automaker’s luxury model, it's got a fine history which we'll soon discover.

It existed in 1972 upon the release of the W116, the first to ever wear the S-Class moniker. It came with either 6 or 8-cylinder engines and airbags, the latter being a major achievement then. You see, not many vehicles offered airbags at the time.

The W116 also had never-seen-before features like a passenger safety cell and anti-lock brakes. Concerning the second generation, the W126 came in 1980, eight years after the W116’s debut. As we said before, one significant attribute of the S-Class is its frequent design revisions.

So, it came as no surprise that the W126 has a different exterior and chassis layout. Also, the engines were aluminum-block based, and midway through the model’s production run, a coupe variant became available.

The third generation (W140) entered the scene with an updated design that affected its aerodynamics. Major features include a self-closing trunk and reinforced window panes. The fourth installment (W220) had a tough time assuring prospective buyers on account of its unreliability in the areas of technology and safety.

From generation to generation, design, luxury, and performance stayed with the S-Class. With seven generations of remarkable vehicles, Mercedes-Benz’s status as a world power is unchallenged. By introducing a hybrid vehicle (S580e), it cements itself as a forward-thinking automaker.

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The S580e Enjoys A Completely New Design

As we mentioned above, the S-Class is renowned for its innovative design. Despite being considerably bigger than the previous model, the S580e is quite light in weight. Thanks to the engineers’ decision to utilize aluminum in the construction, the S580e’s weight dropped by 60kg.

To the eye, it appears slender because of new additions like trapezoid-shaped headlamps that contain LED running lights. Other exterior design features include twin taillights and more.

A Newer and Better Infotainment System Awaits You

An image showing the inside of the new Mercedes Benz S580e interior
Via: Mercedesblog.com

Forming part of its exquisite layout is the dashboard which screams minimalism. The most striking feature is the portrait-styled 12.8-inch Oled touchscreen. Also available is the newest edition of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX).

Upgrading to the topper most trim, Executive Line gets you an MBUX tablet that functions as a regular tablet. It also works outside the car and can download Android applications.

You can also get a touchscreen with a facial recognition system that detects drowsiness on the driver’s part and regulates outer mirror settings. However, this feature is standard on some trims and optional on others.

The S580e May Be The Safest Luxury Sedan Today

The S-Class is about making bold statements and the S580e didn't disappoint. The Driving Assistance Package has been around for some years, and this edition’s features include:

  • Traffic Sign Assist (This safety feature warns the driver when they keep driving instead of stopping at a red light).
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist (This one utilizes active steering intervention, a departure from the braking intervention. It also signals likely dangers using the ambient lighting function).
  • Active Distance Assist
  • Active Evasive Steering Assist

The S580e Is Incredibly Fast And Green Too

An image of the Mercedes-Benz S580e
Via: Mercedesblog.com

With a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and a sizable 28.6 kWh battery, you get 367 hp and 150 hp respectively. Using the battery, the car can run for as long as 63 miles and has a decent emission record (18g/km).

Along with the engine design is a 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission. Charging is possible using a DC charger or a home wall box.

Available in multiple colors including new intakes like Kalahari Gold Metallic and Selenite Gold Magno, the 2022 S580e will cost you $149,000 upwards. If you'd like extra perks, consider the Executive Line trim which will cost more.

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