Lamborghini's lineup is popular for its original and powerful supercars, which have been in production since 2014. The Huracan range boasts special edition models too, such as the Lamborghini Performante.

Although the Performante is often a car associated with true beauty and luxury, one with a smashed front end is on show on the streets of London on TheTFJJ YouTube channel.

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It Isn't A Good Look

It isn't every day that people see a smashed-up Lamborghini driving around the streets, especially such a new and limited model like the Performante. That's the issue with street parking, car owners just never know when someone might end up crashing into their front or rear end.

Although it wouldn't be ideal for any car to experience a smashing, it is even more traumatizing for this Lamborghini seeing as the Performante costs a whopping $274, 390. It isn't definite that the car took a smashing into from a parking car, but it is a very sad sight to see on the streets of London.

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More Supercars On Show

It is even more devastating to see the smashed-up Lamborghini Performante after witnessing the other cars driving around the streets of London that are in much better condition. Aside from the Performante, passersby take in the wonderful sights of a LaFerrari, a Bugatti Chiron, and a Ferrari F40, among many others.

These ridiculously expensive supercars are not seen over the course of one day. The footage is over the course of a month. Yet, it just proves how many supercars London is home to. No celebrities are on show sadly, which might just mean that London is a city where the locals love their expensive rides as much as the rich and famous.

In summary, it is always a sad sight to see any car with a smashed side, front, or rear. Yet, when it is a supercar like a Lamborghini, it is even more upsetting. Whether another driver was a poor parker or the owner of the Performante has been in a crash, we hope that the dent sees a repair job very soon so that it can match the appeal of the other supercars in the city.

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