Not all cars in the Ford lineup we call classic today reached the same level of appreciation over the years. True story, it would be unreasonable to expect all the models to gain popularity like the one and only Mustang. But still, most Ford cars of the past have some kind of special status. People perceive them as the leaders in the design of their time.

One of the cars that went under the radar, though, was the Ford Torino. Not nearly a reason of the same craze as the Mustang, the Falcon, or the Thunderbird, the Ford Torino gains little attention in modern times. Yet, we think this Ford car deserves a little more appreciation as part of the rich Ford history.

Are you ready to find out more about this muscle car? We'll take a closer look at the model itself and the 1974 Ford Torino edition. You'll learn more about the history of this muscle car and the price tag that comes with it today.

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How The Ford Torino Came To Be?

The 1974 Ford Torino on display for sale.
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Ford designed the Torino for the North American market and produced it between 1968 and 1976. Back in the day, the Ford Torino was considered a midsize muscle car, although today we would say it's quite large for modern standards. The model came to replace the Ford Fairlane, which itself saw seven generations and several body styles.

The Ford Torino got its name from the Italian city Turin or Torino in Italian, which was considered "the Italian Detroit." In the beginning, the Torino nameplate stood as a subseries of the Fairlane, but it became a model on its own in 1970.

Basically, the Torino was a conventional car that came in a four-door sedan and a two-door hardtop body style. But Ford also produced some high-performance versions classified as muscle cars. The Torino also has a racing heritage, although the model for NASCAR was a special edition built especially for the purpose.

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The Third Generation: A Closer Look At The 1974 Ford Torino

The 1974 Ford Gran Torino parked in a garage.
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Until 1974, the Ford Torino saw two generations and many changes in performance and styling. Over the years, many trims were introduced, and they gradually received more power and wider and heavier bodies than their predecessors. Alongside the standard six-cylinder engines, Ford also began to offer V8 alternatives, lower profile, enhanced grills, and so much more.

Ford had a successful production year with the 1974 Ford Torino. To meet the new government regulations, the iconic American car manufacturer made quite a few changes to the Torino. Firstly, the rear bumper became much larger and square alike. The same happened to tail lights. Secondly, the front grille extended on eight equal sections, looking much like the one in 1973 but now more distinctive.

In general, all the Torino trims gained some updates that we can notice right on. What's more, Ford discontinued the Gran Torino Sport with the "sports roof" and introduced the Gran Torino Elite. The new two-door hardtop Torino was inspired by the Thunderbird and became more luxurious without sacrificing the midsize car economy.

The interior of the 1974 Ford Torino Sport.
Via: Vanguard Motor Sales

In summary, the 1974 Ford Torino was available as a sedan, hardtop coupe, and station wagon. The Gran Torino body styles included the Sport, the Brougham, and the Elite.

Now, all 1974 Ford Torino models gained a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a split-bench seat, an electric sunroof, and other (at the time) extravagant features. There was also an extra safety measure with the seat belt-interlock system.

The now larger and heavier Torino also gained more powerful engines. Except for the very few models that had six-cylinder engines, the 1974 Ford Torino versions packed the V8 units. Depending on the engine in place, the Torino could develop from 140 to 260 horsepower and between 230 and 380 lb-ft of torque.

How Much Does The 1974 Ford Torino Cost Today?

The 1974 Ford Torino side view.
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As we mentioned, the Ford Torino often gets overlooked today among all those classic Mustangs and Thunderbirds available on the market. Still, it's a notable car that makes a good alternative to the much pricier Ford muscle cars.

Because it's not as famous as some other cars from the same manufacturer, the 1974 Ford Torino is available anywhere between $3,000 and $25,000. If you're up for some mechanic work, you can get a decent model under $10,000 and invest some means and effort to get it in the best possible condition. On the other hand, if you aim to get a well-preserved 1974 Ford Torino and not work on it afterward, you'll have to cash out around $20,000.

In any case, the Ford Torino won't break your bank, that's for sure. You'll also be pleased to hear that this model is still widely available due to the mass production back in the day.

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