The 1970s muscle car world would not have been the same without the Dodge Charger. Any additional oomph would seem unnecessary with either the 7.2-liter V8 or the 7.0-liter Hemi engine already installed. With a peak speed of around 140 mph, the Charger was an exuberant participant on the track.

Apparently, this isn't good enough for the guys at SpeedKore. There have been several modifications made to the legendary Dodge Charger, but this particular version is perhaps one of the most remarkable. Although it bears a striking resemblance to a 1970 Dodge Charger - the same car it's based on, it is in fact a completely unique vehicle, and SpeedKore named it "Tantrum."

Let's tell you about the best features of the SpeedKore’s 1970 Dodge Charger "Tantrum."

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SpeedKore's 1970 Dodge Charger 'Tantrum': Best Features

via: SpeedKore

If you're a lover of exquisite restomods and carbon fiber awesomeness, the chances are high that you've heard of SpeedKore, an American automotive performance shop. Introducing the Tantrum, a stunning 1970 Dodge Charger-based build. SpeedKore Performance chose to build one of the most amazing old Chargers we've ever seen, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Possibly the most interesting aspect of this Charger is its engine compartment. With a 9.0-liter Mercury Racing twin-turbo V8 engine, it pumps out a mind-boggling 1,650 horsepower through a Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearbox. Tantrum's custom-built chassis features a roll cage that is seamlessly integrated into the design. The vehicle is supported by a set of 19-inch HRE S104 wheels in the front and 20-inch wheels in the back. Michelin Pilot Super Sport 345-Series tires are hugging the wheels with a lot of force. Baer 14-inch brakes and the best Penske coilover shocks round out the package perfectly.

Tantrum's Engine
via: SpeedKore

Tantrum is the ultimate example of the sleek, understated look that many automobile enthusiasts seek in their rides. Incredibly unusual, this vehicle combines aspects from both the past and the present to create a completely new piece of art that is sure to draw attention wherever it appears.

Carbon fiber is SpeedKore's bread and butter, so it's no shock that a large portion of Tantrum is made of the expensive, rigid material. The SpeedKore 1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum makes a strong visual statement with its all-black carbon fiber front fenders, hood, valances, bumpers, and light components. Not to mention a high level of durability. With a bespoke grille constructed from a 72-inch piece of sturdy aluminum, as well as handcrafted metal and aluminum bodywork blended with pure carbon fiber; this Dodge is truly one-of-a-kind.

The carbon fiber vibe of the body is carried over into the inside of the car and is seen in the cockpit, which features a special Alcantara and leather trim that was created by Gabe's custom interiors. A personalized instrument panel and a Billet Specialties steering wheel in black add a distinctive touch to the car's interior, which is a testament to the creator's meticulous eye for fine details.

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SpeedKore 1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum
Via: SpeedKore

Tantrum first came to public attention in 2015 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where it won the Gran Turismo award, which is the highest accolade given to the "Best Domestic" vehicle at the event. It has garnered a great deal of interest, as seen by the fact that it has been published in over 100 digital and print magazines, while it also had an appearance on Jay Leno's Garage.

Undoubtedly, its most memorable contribution was as the principal vehicle driven by Vin Diesel in the 8th installment of The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. We're also convinced that the car is well known to many. This Dodge is the culmination of hundreds of hours of labor and would make a gorgeous addition to any collection of classic automobiles. Who would ever say no to such a treasure?

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