We usually see many videos on classic cars and sports cars undergoing restoration or modification but this time over on YouTube there’s something a little different: a selection of cars that don’t work.

Number 27’s channel, highlights in a new video, his fleet of 6 cars in the UK which mostly don’t work, and the question is, which car does actually work?

We find out the answer to that question but most importantly, what lies lurking in this small English garage and if there are any diamonds hidden in the rough – hint: there is a Ferrari.

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Jack’s Disaster Fleet Is Half-Full Of Questionable Choices

We get a breakdown on the highlights – or low-lights – of the 6 cars in the garage and see why they do or don’t run and what needs to happen to each vehicle to bring it up to scratch.

The first car isn’t a prestigious motor by any means – it’s a 2000 Audi A4 with a standard engine under the hood, here in station wagon form. It is a gift from a viewer of the channel and needs a few minor repairs to pass the next UK safety inspection.

Next, there’s a slightly more interesting vehicle in the form of a 1997 Lexus LS400 sedan called Sumo – some cars have names in the Disaster Fleet.

That car should have a 4-liter V8 under its hood and between 260-290 hp as standard, but unfortunately, it has a long history of water leaks – this car has been enjoying water leakage to the inside from practically every place you can imagine; it also needs a new dashboard cluster which is proving impossible to find online.

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There Are Some Surprising Cars Hidden In The Garage

Austin Healey Sprite in mixed garage of broken cars, white, front quarter view
Via: YouTube via Number27

After introducing his fleet with some standard cars, Jack moves on to his daily driver and the car which is in the best condition – a Mercedes 300CE, which has a 180 hp six-cylinder engine.

Next to that, we meet Fred – a 1981 Austin Healey ‘Frog Eye’ Sprite, whose engine isn't standard and should make more than the 43 hp it normally makes from 900cc of capacity.

The first highlight of the collection for most people is the 2000 Lotus Elise S1, seen here in need of repair, and Jack says that it has not been straightforward to fix.

Saving the best for last is a Ferrari 308 GTS which has a 2.9-liter V8 mounted at the rear and should be making around 250 hp, but currently, it needs the engine out again to replace a recurring oil leak.

Any Ferrari is better than no Ferrari – but maybe better to take the Mercedes if you need to be at the meeting on time.

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