Drag racing is one of the purest forms of motorsport. It usually just involves two very fast and powerful cars going at it against each other to see who can come out on top. It is perhaps even more exciting if those two cars are highly modified.

That is exactly what we have here. The Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube channel has uploaded this video of a Dodge Demon taking on a turbocharged Cadillac CTS-V down the 1/4 mile at the TX2K22 event.

Two Incredible Fast And Powerful Cars

The downside of this video is we sadly don’t get any details on the performance specifications of the two cars, despite the fact they are both quite clearly modified. The Cadillac is closest to the camera and is black with exposed carbon doors and red wheels, while the Demon is the car the furthest away from the camera, with the Baily’s Hyperformance logos across the side. The two cars get their burnouts out of the way to warm up the tires before they line up to start the race.

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An Octane Filled Performance Contest

CTS-V Vs Demon Drag Race
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

The two cars rev their engines for the start, and the Cadillac starts to edge forward before the lights go green. The CTS-V is the car that gets the better of the launches, but it looks like the Demon is able to reel it back in at the finish. And it does get incredibly close. This race is mighty close, as the CTS-V is able to complete it in 8.146 seconds, whereas the Demon does it in 8.153 seconds. So despite getting a worse start, the Dodge is able to claw its way back into the mix. A pretty fantastic achievement.

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How The Cadillac Beat The Dodge

CTS-V Vs Demon Drag Race Start Compairsson
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

All the advantage for the Cadillac seemed to come from how it launched off the line. Which just goes to show how crucial the start is in any motor race. Its start only gave it an advantage of a few tenths, but that was enough to beat the Demon to the line, by just a few thousandths of a second. Sadly, the timing tower does not give us a top speed for either of the cars, so we do not know just how fast they went, but the video would indicate quite a bit of top speed!

Source: Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

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