Toyota unveiled the Rhombus Concept at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2019. It's an electric vehicle with just the driver's single seat in front and two passenger seats behind it. Interestingly, sitting in the concept car can be likened to sitting in a bath.

The Toyota Rhombus Concept - an electric vehicle that adopts a diamond shape is the Japanese automaker's latest electric vehicle concept, and it was unveiled at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. Notably, it was created at TMEC, the Group's Chinese research and development division, as a concept car.

A concept car is a vehicle designed to showcase new technology and aesthetics. They are frequently displayed at auto exhibitions in order to evaluate customer reaction to innovative and revolutionary designs that may or may not be produced in bulk. Harley Jarvis Earl, a designer for General Motors, is widely credited with developing the concept automobile and popularizing it through traveling Motorama displays in the 1950s.

Concept vehicles are never directly produced. In today's world, all designs must go through several adjustments before they are finished for practicality, security, regulatory requirements, and cost. This is accomplished by the use of a "production-intent" model, in contrast to a concept car.

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The Toyota Rhombus Concept's Interior Space Depicts Comfort

Via: Toyota

Toyota has chosen young people who were born after the year 1990 as the focus market of the production version of the Toyota Rhombus concept. A single swivel seat substitutes the conventional two-seat front row, while three chairs in the back form a lounge-pit-style space. As a result, the electric vehicle would be ideal for use as a taxicab. There are three additional seats in the back, which offer more than enough legroom for all passengers. This approach was to make passengers comfortable, especially during a long drive.

The doors can be pushed backwards to enhance the car's movement. The plan of the Toyota Rhombus concept shows the seats arranged in a diamond pattern, hence the name Rhombus. With its triangular feet, the automobile also reminds one of an enormous Jacuzzi or a bathtub. Toyota is hoping that the futuristic exterior design would entice youthful drivers. Whether the Rhombus will be available for purchase is unknown at this time. Toyota won't at the moment comment on any details about its diamond-layout EV prototype, including probable prices.

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The Toyota Rhombus Concept Has A Magnificent Exterior Design

Via: Design Listicles

Toyota issued a top-down order a few years ago that it would never make uninteresting automobiles anymore. It acknowledged that this would imply that some individuals would like the designs and others would absolutely despise them. The Rhombus has accomplished this due to the reception it got during the Motor Show at Chicago and also on social media.

The Toyota Rhombus concept design is aimed at displacing the current design styles. Hence, the exterior looks as unconventional as it can be.

There are big pods at the front that thrust out like trumpet player John Birks Gillespie cheeks. The windshield begins in front of the automobile and bulges back to an "A pillar" in alignment with the wheel, which is located in the center of the vehicle, leaving only one front seat, presumably for the driver. Because the main bodywork is designed as an elongated oval, there is just one seat at the extreme back, however there are two little seats facing inwards in the center, providing a lounge-pit-style space.

Toyota To Premier Millions Of BEVs In The Coming Years


In April 2019, Toyota premiered the C-HR and IZOA BEVs in Shanghai, China as part of the Auto Shanghai 2019 opening event. Toyota further launched several booths during the exhibition, which showcased a variety of electrified vehicles. Its very first debut was the hybrid electric vehicle, slated for the RAV4 and the Alphard/Vellfire. Also, earlier in March 2019, Toyota had launched the Levin and Toyota plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) as part of its plans to roll out more BEVs by the first half of the 2020s.

At the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, Toyota also showcased the Rhombus, one of its first battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept cars. Toyota announced in 2019 that it expected to launch more than ten battery electric vehicle models internationally over the following five or six years, with a global sales target of much more than 5.5 million EVs by 2030. The Japanese automaker has of today sold nearly thirteen million electric vehicles.

Toyota hasn't said when the futuristic electric vehicle would be available to the marketplace. However, Toyota has stated that they'll inform the public as to when it will be released and promises that the Rhombus's battery would be multiple times stronger than other electric batteries noticeable today. When the car was first developed, it was predicted that it may be used as a taxicab in European countries by 2021, but that was before the COVID outbreak.

Sources: Toyota, Toyota-Europe, WgnTV

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