"Batman has two primary modes of transportation: swinging from Gothic clock towers on his Batline, and cruising around Gotham in the Batmobile. Sure, he's got a Batwing and a Batjet and a Batcopter and even a Bat-Segway, but mostly Batman relies on his ride to get from point A to point B.” We thank Batmobile History for this iconic quote. Yes, Batman had several gadgets throughout his run however in this article we take a look at some of his best Batmobile rides along with including some of his Batcycles and special appearance from the Batboat and Batsubmarine. We’ve got a lot to cover spanning from the 1930s all the way to the modern day.

Updated March 2022: If you're a fan of Batman and his wild rides, you'll be pleased to know that we've updated this article with even more Batmobiles.

In terms of some of the best it is no secret that these come from some of the top Batman flicks ever produced. However, we also include some Batman films that weren’t as well-received but still featured a tremendous Batmobile and one that continues to stand the test of time. As you’ll see in this article these Batmobiles also have one heck of a resale cost. One Batmobile in particular sold for more than $4 million! We can’t say the same for some of the other rides you’ll find at the bottom of the list however. Enjoy the article folks as we walk down memory lane ranking the very best to the absolute worst Batmobiles. We feature rides from the various films, shows, animations and video games. Without further ado let’s begin!

19 The Keatonmobile (Batman & Batman Returns)

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This memorable ride is also recognized as the Tim Burton Batmobile. Way back in 1989 the director brought Batman back to its rightful popularity with films Batman and Batman Returns. Not only were these films massive successes but the Batmobile used in both continues to run its legacy as the best ride ever created for Batman. Believe it or not the frame of the vehicle is a Chevrolet Impala.

These days the vehicle continues on as a piece of history over at the Petersen Automotive Museum. For mega fans of this stunning Batmobile the replica could have been yours. However, according to Cinema Blend the price tag wasn’t necessarily a cheap one. A buy it now option was available on eBay. The price tag, $499,000!

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18 First Ever Batmobile: Oldsmobile Rocket

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This Batmobile holds the honors of being the first ever created. It toured as a promotional ride. Built by George Barris in the 1960s this is typically regarded as the first Batmobile ever created – it’s arguably also one of the most stunning Batmobile versions as well. The frame of the legendary vehicle is a 1956 Oldsmobile.

The inside is completely customized featuring a Rocket 328 V8 engine according to BBC. After years of abandonment the car was finally found and purchased at auction back in February of 2013. The great news, Mario Borbon who bought the ride completely restored the vehicle back to its original greatness.

17 The Kilmer Mobile

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Batman Forever might not have been the most memorable Batman flick however take nothing away from the Batmobile presented in the film – it continues on with its legacy among the most stunning rides that Batman has ever used. Under the new guidance of director Joel Schumacher the goal of the ride design was to create a stunning and bright look. Lighting was added to the sides, wings and rims of the vehicle.

The motor on the inside features a top tier Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 engine. As for the body of the ride it was made with the use of Carbon Fiber. The ride wasn’t a small one, measuring 7.62 meters in length – longer than its predecessor for the prior Burton films.

16 The Westmobile

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This was the first design created for the Batman television series. The creator George Barris used a concept car as the body for the ride – the vehicle is a 1955 Lincoln Futura. Making the car wasn’t cheap back in Italy and it was entirely hand-made. It is said that the ride cost $2 million in production ($200,000 back in the day).

The historical ride once sold for $200. Let’s just say after years of being forgotten about the car worth has skyrocketed these days. Purchased by a man in Arizona, the ride sold for a whopping $4.6 million at auction back in January 2013. It definitely ranks up there among the most expensive Batmobiles.

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15 The Tumbler (Dark Knight Rises)

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Different versions of the Tumbler made appearances in the Dark Knight flicks. Let’s just say the response to these rides is quite positive even if they strayed away from a conventional Batmobile look. For the Tumbler in Dark Knight Rises the body wasn’t a Lincoln Futura like back in the Adam West days.

Instead it was made from scratch with no other car parts on the ride – this according to Tech Radar; "It's actually a bespoke vehicle, there's nothing on this that's already been seen [on another car] – people say 'oh, it's based on a Hummer, it's based on a Mercedes', but no, it's all bespoke. It is a Batmobile, there's no other made vehicle part on it."

14 The Muscle Batmobile

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The latest Batman is played by Robert Pattinson, perhaps best known for his role as a vampire... and incidentally, some claim vampires can turn into bats. Coincidence? Probably not! Anyway, Pattinson's Batman had the pleasure of cruising around in a muscle car-inspired Batmobile, which isn't as over-the-top as certain other vehicles the Caped Crusader has driven on the big screen over the years. However, that's not to say it's not cool. In fact, this is definitely one of the coolest Batmobiles ever!

This Batmobile seems to have drawn some inspiration from some of the coolest muscle available these days. We can see some lines from the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger, but we have no idea whether it's based on an actual car or completely built from scratch.

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13 The Batpod

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We’ll feature the Batcycle as well however the Batpod turned out to be a notch higher than the classic ride from back in the day. The ride appeared in both Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. According to Maxim it was the special effects supervisor who created the concept. It remains in very good condition, enough to sell for six-figures at an auction.

As for the bike features, Maxim explains; “The Pod's most obvious feature is the use of enormous 31-inch Hoosier racing tires. Those, combined with the prone riding position and gargantuan 149.5-inch length, surely make the Pod a challenge to ride. The bike's unique styling sees the exhaust pipes routed within the framework, while the 750 cc Honda motorcycle engine is wrapped inside the fiberglass bodywork.”

12 The Batcycle

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It only makes sense to include the Batcycle following the Batpod. This is another iconic ride that made its debut way back in the mid 1950s. The bike features a V-4 engine – it was a street bike with various modifications to the body. Of course the coolest element of the ride is the fact that it's a two seater with Robin typically taking the extra seat on the side.

During the first season it was actually a Harley-Davidson that was used. This later switched to a Yamaha Catalina 259. Robin’s sidecar sold at an auction for $30,000. Burt Ward the former Robin himself gave the ride his blessing at the auction – pretty darn cool!

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11 The Tumbler (The Dark Knight)

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We featured the second Tumbler earlier in the article. This is the original that was unveiled during the Dark Knight. In truth which you like more depends on personal taste. Take nothing away from this ride – it remains one of the more iconic Batmobiles from the modern day. According to Top Gear if you’re interested in the ride a street legal version could have been yours to own. However we warn you the price tag isn’t a cheap one.

According to Vijay Pattni the ride costs $1 million; “Unlike the Lamborghini Aventador (which has a similar price point) it doesn’t have a 6.5-litre V12, 700bhp, bespoke carbon fibre construction and warp speed. No, it has a GM-sourced LS1 V8 engine (a 5.7-liter V8, no less). It has monster 44-inch tyres. It has a custom frame and chassis, an auto box, custom windows, five cameras and the ability to scare fellow road users senseless.”

10 Batman Versus Superman Batmobile

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The film might have been a disappointment for DC fans however the new Batmobile design certainly was not. The design took inspiration from both the past and present look – this is what made it so noteworthy. It was designed with a rough special forces build at the base, however it was decorated and clothed as a classic Batman ride.

Among the inspirations for the designs are the Tumbler and 1989 Batmobile from the Tim Burton days (a popular trend as you'll see). Measuring 20 feet in length and 12 in width the architects behind the design are Patrick Tatopoulos and Dennis McCarthy.

9 Animated Series Batmobile

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The likes of CBR and Buzz Feed consider this Batmobile among the greatest designs ever. We aren’t arguing that especially for those that grew up in the 90s. This animated design became iconic. For those that purchased a replica toy Batmobile in the 90s chances are in all likelihood it resembled the animated series version the most.

The best part of this Batmobile might be the fact that it caters to the Burton Batmobile that we featured at the top of the article. For that reason this animated Batmobile tends to land quite high on various lists when considering Batman’s top rides from the past.

8 Night Crawler (Justice League)

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This is one of the latest Batmobiles produced and put on the big screen. This Batmobile made a brief appearance in Justice League. Fans of DC salivated when the name was unveiled as the Night Crawler. Batman's father was the man behind the design, and the ride was stored away in an abandoned warehouse.

Just imagine entering an empty facility and finding this type of ride? Would you either take a look inside or run like the wind? Probably run like the wind. Once again a big inspiration for this design is the Tumbler. The Batmobile also briefly appeared in Suicide Squad – though in Justice League an updated version was unveiled.

7 Dark Night Returns Batmobile (Tank Mobile)

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Back in the 1986 the comic The Dark Knight Returns steered the Batmobile into a completely different direction according to Wired; “It's a tank, basically. "Previous Batmobiles were inspired by the original one by Bob Kane," Lee says. "But Frank Miller's more militaristic look really moved the mythology up."

Often referred to as the "Tankmobile" this is one of the more underrated designs from the past – it is also very comparable to the popular Tumblers we know and love from the modern day Dark Knight films. Despite that it took a risk going away from the classic design it is definitely a well worth decision looking back.

6 Arkham Knight Batmobile

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Let’s give some love the Arkham Knight video game as it captured the beauty of the Batmobile pretty nicely. A similar theme to the modern day Batman rides - the goal of this design was to use a modern day version catering towards the Tumbler while still using some of the classic features from the popular Batmobile from the late 80s.

The intent here was to create something indestructible and thus even heavier than a darn tank. The real kicker is unlike his other Batmobiles, Batman can control this ride with the use of a remote – that’s pretty darn cool.

5 The Batboat

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Shame on you for almost forgetting about the iconic Batboat. Yes the design seems to be kind of outdated nowadays but let’s cut the design some slack, it first appeared back in the 1960s. It was later used on television making its big screen debut in the Batman film in 1966. The people behind the design are Mel Whitley and Robert Hammond.

The base of the boat is a Glastron V-174. Replicas of the boat do exist. Despite the show getting cancelled the Batboat continued on as a popular promotional prop. The original boat can be found at a museum in Tennessee these days.

4 Batman Beyond Batmobile

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The Batman Beyond Batmobile wasn’t the worst design created – however it wasn’t close to being the best either. It is kind of lazily drawn up given that the ride design is made in animation. It has some classic Batmobile features but in truth it could have been so much more given the potential in the body type used to create the ride.

Apologies to this ride but we’d rather opt for the Batboat than this basic submarine. It appears in Batman Beyond the animated series during the episode “Earth Mover.” Batman used the ride in Gotham’s underground waters.

3 Lego Movie Batmobile

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Yes it is a Lego film so we’ll cut the design some slack. However this ride is totally exaggerated and it isn’t for the better. Among the lackluster features, 6 wheels.... Hmm, that might have been a little unnecessary – we’re quite sure Batman could have gone around just fine with the classic four-wheeler or heck even the two-wheeled Batpod.

Making matters that much more complicated the ride appears to contain sub-woofers as well – why wouldn’t Batman need sub-woofers when fighting the evil out in Gotham? Thankfully the ride completely vanished during the film following an attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land.

2 1949 Mercury Batmobile

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Back in the late 1940s Batman was a long way away from stepping into a Tumbler or Batpod. Instead he and his buddy Robin were riding around in a 1949 Mercury – one of the oddest Batmobiles ever used. Created by Ford the 1949 Mercury Convertible was Batman’s choice of ride. We’ll cut it some slack given the timeframe.

It was also utilized as Bruce Wayne’s regular ride but even that just isn’t a good enough excuse. The dude was using a Countach decades later! According to Batmobile History the car didn’t necessarily run well either with six Mercury’s used during the show; “Though powerful, the Mercury was a very heavy car that didn't corner all that well...so whenever they wrecked one, they would just swap cars and continue shooting.”

1 Wayne’s Car: 1936 Cord 812

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Designed by Bob Kane, a bright red convertible dating back to the 1930s really doesn’t scream out top tier Batmobile. In fairness the ride was initially unveiled as the car of Bruce Wayne. In February 1941 according to Batmobile History the ride finally changed its name to the Batmobile. It didn’t have any type of noticeable armor. Instead its main selling point was speed and a strong nose that was capable of causing some serious damage to buildings.

As for the motivation for the design, Batmobile History credits the Cord 812; “The bulk of the design was based on the Cord 812, a revolutionary design that featured America's first front-wheel drive design with independent front suspension, a 185HP V8, a semi-automatic transmission with overdrive, retractable headlights, variable-speed wipers, and a sleek, low-slung body (including fully hidden door and trunk hinges).“

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