Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka "Supercar Blondie" is a contemporary and full-blown automotive celebrity. But how did she become so successful? Let's state the obvious; first and foremost, Alex is a true petrolhead (now "electrichead" too!) that is passionate about her work. She's also photogenic, super smart, and knows her hot rods.

But more than anything else, Supercar Blondie is a marketing genius. She uses just about every social media outlet that's available to get her name in front of millions of viewers and followers across the United States as well as the rest of the world. Who else gets to hop around from country to country, state to state checking out the hottest, most extreme cars on the market?

Well, Supercar Blondie does... and she does it in grandiose style. Whether she's in India, Dubai, Europe, or the United States, she brings with her an excitement that's contagious, resulting in her having millions of followers. Folks want to get a glimpse of her wherever she goes, wanting to see her in action as she explores the coolest and fastest cars in the world.

Updated March 2022: As one of the most successful automotive personalities on the internet today, Supercar Blondie is showing no signs of stopping. We've updated this article with all the recent facts about Alex and her empire.

From being bullied during her early days as an automotive presenter to now amassing an estimated $1.4 million for a single post, Alex's story of perseverance can be summarized in two words - "Supercar Blondie".

Life Before "Supercar Blondie"

Supercar Blondie at the beach

A great job and life did not just fall in Supercar Blondie's lap. She had to work hard for it by going to college, graduating with a degree in journalism and like the rest of us, she had to find a job. Even during her graduation days, Alex worked as a newsreader and presenter for Southern Cross Austereo in Brisbane. Her first full-time job was for Hong Bao Media in Singapore as a presenter and producer.

Supercar Blondie posing with her pet dogs

Here's an indicator as to the sacrifice she was willing to make to get ahead. She moved from Australia to Dubai, which is a distance of over 6200 miles. Not only did she make the move, but she also stuck with a Corporate Service Coordinator for Deutsche Bank for 9 years. In this day and age, sticking with the same job for that long of a time is quite uncommon.

Supercar Blondie with the BMW X M

If you check out the Supercar Blondie YouTube channel, you'll see that week after week she features new cars, including concept cars. Alex is traveling nonstop and always brings her "A" game. It's obvious she's putting in the time and being very consistent in the releasing of videos and maintaining a significant presence within the car industry. Just try not clicking on the next video. By the way, the latest video on her YouTube channel is of a Corvette-inspired boat.

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A Social Media Queen

Supercar Blondie with the 1 of 1 Porsche Bergspyder

If one pulls up Google and searches for "Supercar Blondie" the first link that appears is her YouTube channel. To be the number one result for such a search is just insane! It takes more than just paying money to Google to be the number one search result! So many articles need to be written, comments need to be posted as well as thousands upon thousands of clicks need to occur.

Supercar Blondie with the Bugatti Divo

She doesn't get into the minutia of the cars she reviews but sticks to a high-level overview that the average person can consume. This enables her to appeal to the masses and not just car experts. Of course, there will be naysayers, but to the masses she is awesome. Regarding the social media tools of the trade, she uses just about all of them, and she uses them well. She has 75,300 Twitter followers, 7.6 million YouTube subscribers, 9.9 million Instagram followers, and has over 45 million Facebook followers.

Supercar Blondie with an all-electric aircraft from Archer

These ever-increasing statistics are truly amazing and are great indicators as to the degree of permeation within the car marketplace that Supercar Blondie has been able to achieve. Talking of which, here journey wasn't easy at all. Jumping into a male-dominated industry, she was bullied during her early days for the lack of experience as compared to her peers. But she punched right through.

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An Extravagant Taste In Cars

Supercar Blondie with the rare Porsche 919 hypercar

Supercar Blondie does not appear to keep her cars for long. Even her supercars are soon sold and replaced by even hotter rides. That said, she's a fan of giving her rides custom paint and wrap jobs to make them stand out from the crowd. One of her most prized cars was a custom blue Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 she named Lucy.

Supercar Blondie with the Brabus G-wagon

However, Supercar Blondie recently sold Lucy and purchased a brand-new $330,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith along with the insane McLaren 720S supercar. Her newest addition will be a Tesla Cybertruck that is on order! Alex also heavily relies on the visual aspect when it comes to the videos and photos she uploads, to the extent that she matches her outfit to the car and the overall theme of the situation.

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A Star Is Born

Supercar Blondie posing before taking a chartered red flight

The list of magazines that feature her continues to grow. According to, she has been featured in Forbes, Maxim, GQ, and Esquire, just to name a few. With her keen business sense, as new types of media outlets become available Supercar Blondie will most likely take them and bend them to her will, resulting in an ever-increasing audience.

Supercar Blondie at the Vinfast stall at CES 2021

She has even interviewed John Travolta and Jake Gyllenhall on Dubai radio during her days as Radio Blondie. As of 2021, Supercar Blondie's net worth was estimated to be $17 million. From a small-town girl from Queensland who loves cars to living every petrolhead's dream, Alex's story is truly inspiring.


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