A week after Netflix releases its season four teaser, we receive the official trailer for their smash hit, Formula 1: Drive To Survive. Although over-embellished at times, the behind the scenes' perspective for one of the most secretive forms of professional sports continues to draw in fans: new and old, alike.

Continuing its theme of covering the previous year, season four will give an in-depth view of the 2021 F1 World Championship. A season destined to be one of F1's finest title races, in recent memory.

Netflix's All-Access Pass For Formula 1 Returns March 11, 2022

Sure to continue storylines from the third season—such as Ricciardo's grudge with Renault and Scuderia Ferrari's attempt to regain its competitive form—the headline for season four must be the captivating battle between Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull's Max Verstappen as they fight for the title.

Other potential storylines could include the McLaren's return to the podium with their 1-2 finish at Monaco, after living in purgatory for several years, following the disastrous relationship with Honda. Another unsurprising storyline could be the addition of the growing rivalry between Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo, after the penalty incident in São Paulo, followed up by Ricciardo's dig at Tsunoda regarding whether he matured as a driver or not.

Featuring no shortage of drama, the 2021 season is sure to be the most interesting Drive To Survive season, yet.

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Why DTS Is Actually Great For The Sport

Since the inception of the Netflix documentary series, owners, drivers, and fans have scolded the streaming giant for their willingness to heighten the drama of the sport, for better or worse. Whether it's Toto Wolff, Max Verstappen, or the old gatekeepers of the sport, many have found something they dislike with the direction Netflix has taken.

But there is one factor that everyone involved has benefited from: exposure.

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In the age of social media, Formula 1 has found it particularly tough to keep the ever decreasing attention span of new generations engaged. Drive To Survive has single-handedly changed that. The unfortunate fact of the matter is with the amount of content available, any given second of the day, remaining at arm's length just isn't satisfying enough for F1 fans.

Netflix's in-depth look allows viewers to understand the dedication, training, and mental focus required to operate the fastest cars in the world of motorsport; something fans have been asking about, for decades. With the amount of drama that filled each race this past season, it will be interesting to see how Netflix can limit it to just ten episodes.

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