General Motors have for the longest time now been creators of vehicles fit for their purpose and a whole lot else. Though GMC products have always been capable and dependable vehicles, they've always somewhat lacked the character that is found amongst other brands. As a result, they have often been the subject of wild and creative transformations carried out by the crazy bunch over at custom shop WelderUp of Vegas Rat Rods fame. One in particular that avid watchers of the show will remember is the Cummins Diesel-swapped 1954 Cab-over engine Truck from the days of Vegas Rat Rods. Around nine years have passed since the truck originally left the shop following its restoration, and it doesn't appear that the years have been terribly kind. Despite this, the talented boys over at WelderUp have every intention of bringing the old girl back from the dead and returning her to her former glory.

The Original Build: Custom 1954 Cab-Over Truck

The Diesel motor, mounted in the rear of the truck, was acquired during the first season the show was on air, in the days when the team at WelderUp was working closely with engine builders Industrial Injection. The unit is in fact a modified (and very green) 6BT Cummins Diesel, 6.0 liters of black smoke and pure torque.Boasting over 450 hp, this monster motor is more than enough to give the stripped out, rickety old truck true muscle car performance.

You'll also notice that this thing sits closer to the ground than any modern supercar - this is in thanks to an air-ride system that was installed during the original build all those years ago. Also, of note from the original build is the effortlessly cool rusty spanner rear bumper. Whether that was a nod to this truck's presumed lack of reliability or just an awesome last minute design addition remains to be seen - one thing is for sure though, the overall look is definitely badass.

The 'Fermented Fruit' Truck Is Still In Great Shape

Vegas Rat Rods 1954 Cab-Over Truck side

It's definitely safe to say that the last nine years haven't exactly been kind to the GMC. There are noticeable signs of neglect from its time sweltering down in Texas. The valve covers are significantly corroded and the once highly polished aluminum panels have become a rusted, dirty brown. The good news, though, is that its six-cylinder beating heart is still running perfectly and the truck starts and drives with no issue in spite of the years of neglect. The biggest job for the team will be to rebuild the badly weakened rear bed, requiring removal of the engine and running gear to properly bring the truck back into safe working order.

I personally cannot wait to see the finished result of WelderUp's work on remodeling this badass old RatRod. It won't be an easy process by any means, but it's so good to see that the truck is back in its rightful home. I've no doubt that the future of this thing is in safe hands and that it'll be back to smoking its way through Nevada scenery in next to no time.

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