Made up of Heavy D and Diesel Dave, the Diesel Brothers have earned a reputation for seeing something more than a useless old truck. With their creative vision and hard work, they find a way to upgrade trucks into state-of-the-art machines everyone wants. Their exploits are such a success, in fact, that they even have their own TV show on Discovery.

Updated March 2022: If you're a fan of Diesel Brothers and their builds, you'll be happy to know that we've updated this article with even more details about their awesome trucks.

While the Diesel Brothers crew certainly provides hours of entertainment and inspiration, they do more than build cool trucks. They also give away truck builds they've worked on. The crew sells parts and apparel through their site Diesel Sellerz. All customers have to do is buy from the site, and they get entered into the truck giveaways. Every $5 spent on the site grants buyers 1 entry ticket into the giveaway. Here's a look at the coolest builds the awesome (and generous) team over at the Diesel Brothers came up with.

20 F-650 Super Truck

via DieselSellerz Blog

The F-650 Super Truck might look a little ridiculous, but who can really say they wouldn't want one? Especially if the generous Diesel Brothers crew is giving one away for free. "My mom heard me screaming and yelling after I [had] actually won the truck," says Kasey Bunch, the lucky recipient of the DB's F-650, as per the DieselSellerz blog.

"She jumped up, came running, wondering what was actually going wrong, and I told her, 'Hey, I won the truck!'" There's an ongoing theme here of truck winners scaring other people when they freak out upon winning, though we can't really say we blame them for making a disturbance.

19 The Holy Grail

via DieselSellerz Blog

Keaton Hoskins, also known as "The Muscle," on the DieselSellerz blog, called this the "sickest truck" the team had ever built. The fact that it was part of another giveaway by the crew makes it all the more sought after. It's fitting, then, that it should reference the Holy Grail itself, which is a legendary item everyone wants to get their hands on.

The 20x14 wheels come by way of American Force along with the 38-inch Toyo tires. Hoskins makes special mention of the truck's "stance," noting how the wheels stick out from the body. Even more, it's got a 6-speed manual, which Hoskins dubs "the Holy of Holies."

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18 Somersault Truck

via Discovery

Some can't believe their eyes looking upon this bonafide Somersault truck. As the DieselSellerz blog reports, the team had to brainstorm the idea over a long period to make sure this could actually work. One of the lead engineers came up with the egg shape that would allow the truck to actually roll.

How does it work exactly? Once the driver hits the brakes, there's a button to push. At that time, hydraulic fluid fills two rams that kick the truck in the back a whole foot. It shows not only that the Diesel Brothers know their engineering but that they can also let loose every once in a while.

17 Hercules

via Hercules

Is there no Diesel Brothers build (or truck in the world, for that matter) bigger than Hercules? The idea behind this build is a lot simpler and more endearing than one might think, as detailed in the DieselSellerz blog: "Why not?" That idea sparked Heavy D who looked to convert a 2008 Chevrolet Duramax into a mean, monstrous machine.

They slapped on AxleTech 4000 axles, which help to hoist up a truck that stands a grandstanding total of 11 feet tall. This really is the Hercules of trucks and arguably the most attention-grabbing build to come out of the Diesel Brothers' shop.

16 Mini Mega Ram

via DieselSellerz Blog

Chad Hofer was ecstatic about winning the Mini Mega Ram from the Diesel Brothers. "I woke up my wife in the middle of the night," he said, as per the DieselSellerz blog. "She asked if the house was on fire. I said, 'No! This is a good thing I won a truck here, man!'"

Few can blame Hofer for being so stoked, except maybe his wife who must've woken up alarmed. It looks not only perfect for hauling but also like it could go for an off-road spin. Although it may not be as hefty as some of the crew's other pickups, it certainly looks agiler.

15 US Duramax

via Google Plus user Gavin Ortiz

One of Diesel Dave's favorite builds is this U.S. Duramax. Part of the Self-D & DieselSellerz Truck for a Buck contest, as the book The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life notes, the team had the task of delivering something that fans and outsiders alike would envy. Without a doubt, the team managed to do just that.

Taking a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, they ended up giving it a 12-inch lift to allow for the 20-inch wheels for off-roading. In the end, they stuck some 46-inch tires that look massive and mean. Not to mention, the ride can tear with a 6.6-liter engine that can deliver 700 hp.

14 White Magic

via DieselSellerz Blog

"There are no words to express how cool this is," says Shane Miller, who won this build the Diesel Brothers dubbed "White Magic" through their giveaway. "Who wouldn't be pumped with a truck like this?" Miller appropriately adds by way of the DieselSellerz blog.

Diesel Dave mentions in the book The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life that White Magic, a 2015 Chevy Silverado, was in good shape before they went to work. A 6.5-inch lift later, along with 20-inch wheels and 37-inch tires, and the entire makeover on the truck was complete. We'd imagine winning this truck was some of the best news Miller ever got.

13 MC Hummer

Diesel Brothers Duramax Hummer H1
via Diesel Power Gear

Shortly after the Diesel Brothers had worked on Hercules, they looked to their next project. This time, it was in the form of a 1998 Hummer H1. On the DieselSellerz blog, the team admits to loving H1 Hummers in their original form; as a result, they didn't want to stray too far from what already makes those great in the first place.

They did end up making the Hummer a lot better-looking, though, in the end, adding a black vinyl wrap and new LED headlights. Sometimes, it's just the simple additions that can go a long way.

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12 Mega Ramrunner

via DieselSellerz Blog

Like a Phoenix emerging from the ashes, old trucks find new life in the hands of the Diesel Brothers. Taking a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500, as DieselSellerz blog notes, MEGAx2 had the cab extended out to an insane length. There are even 43-inch tires on there to keep the thing standing a near 28 inches off the ground.

Don't judge a book by its cover, though; the truck packs a lot of power. Equipped with a 600 hp engine, it's going to make performance lovers happy, too. Diesel Dave and The Muscle had fun pranking the winner of this truck over the phone, which is the least they deserve, considering all the hard work they put into this beauty.

11 #FailOfTheYear

via YouTube user Discovery

This build proves the crew on Diesel Brothers aren't afraid of being self-deprecating. It all came out of a supposed "hater" who posted on Instagram, "You guys would put MRAP's on a Civic if given the chance." According to the DieselSellerz blog, the team responded in turn with this UTV that used the same axles in question.

The result is an enormous eyesore that also looks like it's a lot of fun to ride around in. Although it appears to be in a little trouble at times where the crew takes it, fans can't help but rally behind this audacious monstrosity.

10 Truck Norris

via DieselSellerz Blog

Everyone knows about Chuck Norris memes and how his legend is only solidified that much more each passing year. The team on Diesel Brothers recognized the tough and invincible legend of Norris and decided to honor that spirit in their Truck Norris.

Using a 2012 Chevy 2500 as their base, they turned it into a patriotic machine. There's a little more bounce to the ride thanks to what the DieselSellerz blog notes are Travel front A-Arms suspension and rear Deaver Springs. Truck Norris is so awesome, the Diesel Brothers didn't even have to build it—they just punched it into existence.

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9 Ultimate Hunt Rig

via DieselSellerz Blog

For those on the hunt for a rugged truck, look no further than the Diesel Brothers' aptly named "Ultimate Hunt Rig." In a partnership with Mountain Ops, as detailed in their video on the DieselSellerz blog, the crew got to work with what they call their "favorite truck."

That truck they're referring to is a US 12 Valve. In turn, they got to combine that favorite truck with the Mountain Ops to make something out of this world. What they set out to do was make it a hunter's dream come true, and by the looks of it, the team exceeded expectations.


via DieselSellerz Blog

Like the name suggests, the Diesel Brothers' oMEGA is something of a be-all, end-all for trucks. As Diesel Dave details in the book The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life, the oMEGA got a sizeable eight-inch lift. This made way for the 20-inch Method Race Wheels they wanted. As if that wasn't enough, they stuck on 37-inch tires, too.

Plus, this former 2013 Dodge Ram Mega Cab 3500 SLT came with a powerful 6.7-liter motor underneath it all. The crew decided to do an automatic transmission for this particular build. Really, what more could a truck enthusiast want?

7 The Denali

via DieselSellerz Blog

When it comes to works of art, this Diesel Brothers build makes a convincing case. This one's named "Denali," which means "Great One" in Native American. According to the DieselSellerzblog, the team knew they had to build something that lived up to the word.

It ended up being one of Diesel Dave's favorite builds as a result, as written about in The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life. Originally a 2015 GMC Denali 3500, it got outfitted with new shocks along with the DB's signature stance with the tires sticking out. It's no wonder Diesel Dave is partial to the Denali, considering it's his middle name.

6 The Workhorse

via DieselSellerz Blog

There are few builds on this list that don't have an appropriate name. For the most part, the Diesel Brothers bestow worthy names on their monstrous creations. The Workhorse is truly what it promises: a mean hauling machine.

According to the book The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin' Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life that White Magic, it can haul 29,600 pounds in all. While it's hard to imagine where that could come in handy—it doesn't really matter. The black paint even gives this truck an edgy look that fits its brutish behavior. The Diesel Brothers certainly outdid themselves with The Workhorse.

5 Sparks Motors Built UTV

via DeiselSellerz Blog

Like the Diesel Brothers' #FailOfTheYear, they proved they didn't shy away from donking out anything. That even includes this UTV. Using a General 1000, as the DieselSellerz blog notes, the crew lifted it up and slapped 35-inch Patriot tires on. Instead of making it blow gnarly smoke, the team had it outfitted with a Packard Performance exhaust system.

That gives out what the blog details as a "clean exhaust note." In the end, they threw on a glossy coat of black paint to give this cool UTV a slick look. The end result is a UTV that looks fun for taking out on the dunes.

4 Adventure Truck

via DieselSellerz Blog

No one really wants to imagine a zombie apocalypse, though as the DB team points out on the DieselSellerz blog, if such an event were to ever happen, you'd certainly want this build by your side. The Diesel Brothers envisioned this as a truck that would go off the beaten trail without reliance on anything else.

To handle the rough terrain it might encounter, they decked it out with BDS Suspension that gives it ample lift. The 37-inch tires are just the cherry on top. There are also some lights added to help navigate those rugged trails when there's no street or roadway lighting.

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3 Huntin’ Fool Camper

via The Drive

It's not the first build the Diesel Brothers churned out that was perfect for hunting. If anything, this could second as a great quasi-motor home, too (though it's really built for long-term hunting, most of all). The Diesel Brothers stretched an F-650, as the DieselSellerz blog notes, to accommodate a camper.

The only downside (or upside, for those who like roughing it) is that it requires passengers to climb in to access the camper. While it may be a lot to ask tired hunters at the end of a long day, it's going to provide them with everything they'll need while out in the wilderness.

2 OBS 2.0

via DieselSellerz Tumblr

The OBS 2.0 has a unique and eye-catching design that's separate from most of the other builds Diesel Brothers churn out. In a video on their DieselSellerz blog, Heavy D gives the rundown of this truck that packs a Cummins 12 valve engine that can deliver what Heavy D approximates somewhere between 450 to 500 hp, which is enough power for anyone.

The drivetrain has the notable characteristics it's known for, like the wider wheel stance. The axles are from a 2010 Ford F-550, which come rated 26,000 pounds, according to Heavy D. Although unassuming on the outside, this truck hauls and has power.

1 Tow Truck

via Discovery

With all the big trucks the Diesel Brothers have to lug around, it's a no-brainer they'd have a heavy-duty tow truck to do the hauling. According to the blog, DieselSellerz states that it was a 1992 firetruck before getting the DB treatment.

They had to strip away a lot of the features that carried over, including the water hose and original bed. The new bed they replaced it with stretches 22 feet long. Not only do they think about what's cool, but they keep in mind what's practical as well. They even put a light bar at the top in case they're ever stranded in a remote location.

Sources: Diesel Sellerz, Google Books

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