Overall, it costs money to run and maintain a car throughout its lifetime. The amount usually depends on the car model and how it has been running. Jack of YouTube channel Number 27 detailed how much the owner of this Ferrari 360 Modena has spent since acquiring it around 21 years ago.

Maintaining A Ferrari 360 Modena Through 21 Years

According to Jack (who lives in the United Kingdom), this 360 Modena belongs to a friend, who bought the car new 21 years ago. Interestingly, the car only had under 10,000 miles on its odometer by January 2009, after which the owner drove it to its current 172,000 miles. With the 360 Modena driven almost 12,500 miles a year since 2009, it wasn’t surprising that it suffered some costly problems along the way.

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The car’s first major issue came in February 2011, when a clutch fault cost £1,293 ($1,692). A replacement of the brakes' track rod end and lower wishbone ball joint in May 2011 cost £2,600 ($3,401). A misfire then cost the owner £5,991 ($7,838) in April 2012, while replacements for the four lambda sensors, brake pads and headlight washers added £1,500 ($1,962) in 2013. Repairs and replacements in 2014, 2015 and 2016 cost £9,067 ($11,863).

December 2016 Crash Jacked Up The Bill

blue silver Ferrari 360 Modena parked road
Via Number 27 on YouTube

The owner crashed the car in December 2016, and the total repair bill amounted to £45,009 ($58,888). Repairs included the suspension, steering rack, radiator, shocks and more. A severe clutch issue in November 2017 cost £4,800 ($6,280).

In 2018, the owner spent a total of £4,039 ($5,284) for overheating repairs, exhaust replacement and more. Repairs in 2019 added £300 ($392) for a crank position sensor and £500 ($654) for a compressor.

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In 2020, repair costs amounted to £952 ($1,245) for passenger door lock, engine mounts, ball joint and brake hoses. The owner bought new titanium wheel bolts in April 2021 for £300 ($392). A month later, he spent £707 ($925) for gear change cables and a new aircon pipe.

In June 2021, the owner installed a new transmission, a new clutch and HVAC ECU for £9,000 ($11,775). The accelerometer costs £159 ($208).

£111,551 After 21 Years And 172,000 Miles

blue silver Ferrari 360 Modena Number 27 Jack sitting inside
Via Number 27 on YouTube

Over the 21 years, the owner spent £89,797 ($117,488) just for repairs. In terms of standard routine maintenance, the owner spent around £21,754 ($28,462), and that would’ve gone higher if the sports car underwent servicing from 2013 to 2017.

In total, the owner spent £111,551 ($145,950) to keep the 360 Modena running for 21 years.

If the 2016 crash hadn't happened, the figure would have been around £66,542 ($87,061), although Jack noted that the owner would have spent a chunk of the repair bill for future maintenance.

Source: Number 27 on YouTube

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