VINwiki is one of the best automotive YouTube channels on the platform. They have amassed over 1.33 million subscribers and have a great series of Car Stories, where various people come on to discuss some fantastic tales and stories of cars and their past. Ed Bolian, founder of VINwiki sat down to talk about a scam involving a McLaren F1 that was supposedly owned by famous drug-lord El Chapo, or someone close to him within the his cartel.  Bolian was on a mission to track down and and hopefully purchase this car.

A Long, Arduous Hunt

It was one of the cartel's top drug traffickers, Ricardo Beltran who owned the McLaren, and when he was shot and killed, the car was hidden away from the government and rival cartels. After hosting a previous video, Ed received loads of comments about the car, where it might be, or where people had seen it, but nothing concrete that really revealed where the car might be. A couple of reports did come to Ed that backed each other about where the car was, meaning he thought there might be a chance it could be found.

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A South Florida collector contacted him who said he had been in touch with a French Painter who knew the cartel family, and had made an offer of $7.5 million for the car, setting a path for Ed to chase.  More information came in, indicating that the car may have been damaged, another showed an image of the car, undamaged, residing and registered in Mexico, but the license plate was cropped out. The registration was important because it meant the car could possibly be tracked down and that Bolian may be able to legally purchase it and bring it into the U.S.  As more information comes, it finally gets to the point where Bolian negotiates an offer of $2 million for the car.

And then...not

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The full video will be linked into this article, and it is well worth watching the other videos that Ed has uploaded on VINwiki that discuss his hunt for the car throughout the past year or so. The fact that the F1 is such a well-loved model across the world makes the tale even more compelling.  To give the ultimate spoiler of this story, when he finally receives images of the car he made his $2 million offer for, it turns out to be…a McLaren F1 kit car. Obviously a major disappointment for Ed, but the hunt very much continues.

Sources: YouTube, DriveTribe

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