At this point, it's clear that Manny Khoshbin has a thing for Mercedes-Benz, more precisely the brand's halo cars. The U.S.-based real estate millionaire and YouTuber already owns a collection of SLRs. According to the influencer's Instagram, his latest SLR is a one-of-one Heritage Edition. Customized by McLaren's special MSO department with white leather and blue highlights give the somewhat cramped grand tourer an extremely light and airy, almost yacht-like cabin.

Khoshbin portrays the image of the ultimate Mercedes fan, not only does he own the brand's special vehicles, but he publicizes the brand. Standing outside a Mercedes-Benz dealership, he wears a white Mercedes cap and a black AMG Petronas Motorsport t-shirt. At this point, the fact that performance brands give their best cars to those influencers most loyal to them is an open secret. Thus, by no surprise, Khoshbin has now picked up the German marque's newest car.

The AMG GT Black Series P One Edition is Manny Khoshbin's rare Mercedes supercar.

How Rare Are Black Series Cars?

Speaking to his car dealer, Khoshbin learns that his latest car is one of only ten on order at the dealership. In Mercedes-Benz history, the Black Series models are the rarest and most elusive. Mercedes-Benz boldly proclaims the moniker as "the dark pinnacle of AMG performance."

The first model to come to the market, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series started this line of vehicles. The CLK63, SL65, C63, and then the SLS followed under the Black Series umbrella. According to Classic, an aggregator of used car sales data, the SLS Black Series on average sells for $557,375. This comes as no surprise as worldwide only a few hundred models left the factory.

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Khoshbin's newest toy steps up to this lineage as an ultra-rare AMG GT Black Series P One Edition. According to the influencer's car dealer, only two of these cars are on order to that dealership. This car is the ultra-rare version of an already rare model.

What Is the AMG GT Black Series P One Edition?

AMG GT Black Series
Manny Khoshbin via YouTube

The AMG GT took the place of the SLS in the Mercedes-Benz range. The grand tourer launched as the Mercedes Formula 1 team started to dominate the pinnacle of motorsport. This car also took the place as the official safety car. Since then, the engineers at AMG have continued to modify and tune their greatest creation. First came the GT C, a performance-focused version of the car. Then the GT R, another performance-focused version of the car. A successor to this the GT R Pro then took the title as the hardest and fastest AMG model in 2019. His model retained the 577 horsepower and 700-Nm power figures of the previous GT R. But this model swapped certain parts for carbon fiber versions and bigger brakes.

The latest version of the car is better in every way. The Black Series is AMG GT, as it should be. Power is up to a mighty 720 horsepower and 800-Nm of torque. These are hypercar-esque numbers. The sprint to sixty is considerably faster. Decreasing from 3.6 seconds to 3.2 seconds. The car looks incredibly different from the regular AMG GT. With a carbon-fiber body kit that draws inspiration from the manufacturer's GT3 car, this is a track car for the road. All these improvements culminated in the model taking the production car lap record at the Nürburgring.

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The P One edition is even more special. An optional package that gives the car a livery inspired by the 2019 Mercedes-Benz F1 livery. Two-tone it makes the model look race-ready and more subtle. The front of the car is gray that morphs into a black rear. Along the trunk and tail of the car, the Mercedes-Benz three-point sits as a repeating pattern. A teal stripe brings all of this together.

Does Manny Khoshbin Like His Newest Car?

AMG GT Black Series rear
Manny Khoshbin via YouTube

When first laying eyes on his latest toy, the millionaire is at a loss for words, exclaiming "wow," He calls the rear of the car a monster. As a tradition for AMG models dictates, this GT comes with a quad exhaust system. A taste of AMG ownership, upon delivery the vehicle has a cardboard box in the trunk. This has the owner's manual and breakdown safety equipment. Khoshbin jokes about the lack of racing gloves. Revealing his inner Doug DeMuro, the influencer introduces a few quirks of the latest Mercedes-Benz, on startup the range sits at over 400 miles although after hard driving this will surely drop and the car comes with extra lug nuts.

On his first drive, he points out that the AMG GT Black Series is both rear-wheel drive and the most powerful V8 that the company has ever produced. At 720 horsepower, this is more than likely the last hurrah of the combustion-engined Black Series models. Even with modern regulations, the Bi-turbo V8 motor unleashes an almighty roar. Khoshbin promises more content with his latest car. However, pulling into his garage, the Mercedes joins his collection of SLRs. At this moment the history of Mercedes-Benz tourers is clear. They struck upon an excellent formula and won't change it now.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Nurburgring front
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