“I used to pretend that my Peugeot driving to the gym in the rain in Dublin was a Ferrari on the Vegas strip. I had nothing but ten cent in my pocket and now you’re looking at a man who is reaping the benefits. I have everything I ever want. I can get anything I want and I can get it in multiple different colors. I’ve really and truly been given a lot of thought to buying an exotic animal. I’d love a monkey, maybe a big chimpanzee. Having a cool chimpanzee whipping around, that would be unimagineable.” Okay so maybe the exotic animal part was a little overkill but it is hard not to admire Conor’s progression since his days riding around in a broken down Peugeot. The car was so out of whack that he needed to run with it in order for it to start. Suggesting the car is worth $200 might be a stretch - these days, McGregor is riding around in car models with a couple of extra zeros attached to the $200 value, typically three zeros.

Updated March 2022: Whether you're a fan of Conor McGregor or can't stand him, there's no denying the fact that the man has some excellent vehicles in his collection. We've updated this article with more information regarding the cars found in his possession.

In this article we go inside the garage of Conor McGregor. We highlight the vehicles worth every penny such as top-tier Rolls-Royce models and various Lambos. On the other hand we also discuss some rides that aren’t as valuable. In some cases we compare other rides McGregor could have bought at the same price – despite the same price tag he could have purchased rides with superior value. Nonetheless, aside from two rides these are cars we would dream of having - worth it or not. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Worth It: McLaren 650S ($265,500)

via caranddriver.com

It might be among his most expensive rides but just based off speed capabilities alone this car is worth every darn penny. Without a doubt this is the fastest ride owned by the UFC star. In terms of performance numbers the vehicle can hit 0-100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds – ironically McGregor can knockout an opponent in half the time...

The McLaren also features a twin-turbo engine with an incredible 641 bhp. Conor showed off the ride while in Dublin, Ireland. He can thank Floyd Mayweather for the ride. McGregor made the purchase following the mammoth payday for his bout against Money Mayweather.

19 Not Worth It: DeLorean DMC 12 ($67,000)

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For fans of the DeLorean we apologize for including this car on the wrong end of the list. Let’s be honest here in terms of its unique look alone perhaps the vehicle might be worth it. However, when comparing it to some of Conor’s other cars along with its terrible performance capabilities it just isn’t worth the value. Don’t be fooled by its Back to the Future vibe - this car is a darn slow poke.

As a matter of fact it only contains 130-horsepower along with a 0-100 km/h in 8.8 seconds. Some of us can make a sandwich in that amount of time. Not only that but the vehicle has a top speed of 109 mph. We appreciate Conor buying the car for nostalgia purposes especially given its popularity in Ireland. However, it just doesn’t share the same value as his other rides.

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18 Worth It: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe ($400,000)

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They might have been bitter enemies in the boxing ring and prior to their fight however Conor and Floyd Mayweather have similar tastes when it comes to cars. Among the vehicle types the two have in common is a slew of stunning Rolls-Royce models. Now Mayweather might have the superior collection in terms of quantity however Conor’s making quite the case in terms of quality.

Back in 2015 he purchased the most expensive Rolls-Royce at the time, the Phantom Drophead Coupe. This is a stunning model and perhaps the best Rolls Royce car in terms of luxury. Unlike his other rides this isn’t a car with fantastic speed capabilities – this ride is all about luxury. He bought the ride due to 13 seconds of work following a victory over Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

17 Not Worth It: Customized Fifty One Bicycle ($17,500)

via cyclingtips.com

No disrespect to bicyclists out there but $17,500 for a bicycle is a steep price. Even the top riders in the world might agree that this is a heck of a lot for bike, even with all the modifications made to Conor’s customized beauty. Customized by the Irish company FiftyOne Bikes, the bike features 24-carat gold leaf accents – yea the bike is no joke.

According to Aidan Duff the creator of the ride he knew something special was required in terms of performance given Conor’s fitness levels; "He’s not stomping out 200 kilometer spins, but regular 30 to 40 kilometer spins as a diversion from the gym and a means to boost aerobic fitness. So when the call came, we knew we had to bring our A game to the table."

16 Worth It: BMW 4 Series Convertible ($70,000)

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For those that have a need for speed riding in a convertible BMW 4 Series might not meet your expectations. However this ride is worth every single penny for McGregor considering he purchased the ride as a birthday gift for his mother. With a worth of near $70,000 Conor definitely didn’t cheap out with this birthday gift. Conor posted about the gift to his mother via social media.

He laughed about the fact that it wasn’t the most ideal time to buy it due to the cold weather in Ireland. Nonetheless a BMW convertible gift is never a bad car to receive even if it’s in the cold winter months. McGregor also claims his son bought the ride for his grandmother!

15 Not Worth It: Mustang 5.0 ($40,185)

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McGregor might be better off with the newest version as opposed to the ride he was driving back in 2015 during his training sessions. According to Road and Track the new 5.0 has similar features to the past models however with a different twist; “This engine can trace its origins back to 2011, but Ford has updated it continually over the years. This year brings new plasma-coated cylinder linings, direct and port fuel-injection, bigger valves, and a host of other new improvements.”

The newer version also features 460 hp, greater capabilities than Conor’s ride. The ride kind of strayed away from his garage theme. Instead he might have been better off with a Ford GT. However that ride doesn’t come cheap.

14 Worth It: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster ($300,000)

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“We don’t even have these at home. I am blessed. I celebrate and reward each of these good moments with more hard work and effort. And through this I receive more good moments. Nice things in life are motivating. They are designed to push you further. Embrace them. Use them as motivation and you will have them.”

These were Conor’s words to The Sun following one of his most expensive purchases, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 – a vehicle that literally spits out fire with a roaring V12 engine. Rolling Stone claims the car had a worth of $500,000 when purchased by the UFC star. A beast on the inside and out, this ride is worth every penny and more.

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13 Worth It: Lamborghini Huracan Avio ($237, 250)

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The Avio is no slouch either. The car is also a rare one which just adds to the value. Only 250 models were ever produced and McGregor was lucky enough to be one of the owners. Powered by a V10 engine, the ride has a top speed of 323 km/h along with a 602 horsepower.

The rare ride is actually decently priced in comparison to other Huracan models. Conor made the headlines in Ireland for getting the car towed. It was his ride considering he’s the only to use the car in the entire country. Not to worry though, the tow truck is also Conor’s, he did so in order to keep the ride in mint condition. Well done sir.

12 Not Worth It: Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe ($131,000)

via motortrend.ca

Conor went off the map a little bit with this purchase. He might be changing things up in terms of personal tastes with the purchase of this ride most recently. McGregor was also spotted in a Porsche following his court hearing. Perhaps Conor is slowly transitioning out of the Rolls Royce and Lambo phase? Considering he’s apparently a luxury car collector these days we probably wouldn’t go that far.

However, it is still surprising to see him in these vehicle types lately. Again nothing wrong with Mercedes however compared some of the other models it just doesn’t compare. Some might also point out that for a little more he might be better with something like the Mercedes s65 AMG.

11 Worth It: Cadillac Escalade ($80,000)

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When he’s not in back of the wheel taking charge Conor gets driven around in his luxury Cadillac Escalade (although he does take the wheel at times). McGregor has been spotted at various points by fans while in the passenger seat of the ride.

According to The Mirror this ride has a worth of 75,000 Euros. That isn’t all that surprising given the luxury factor alone. Given the value of the ride Conor must have been none too please when the car got seized earlier this summer. The Mirror explains; “The Cadillac Escalade is understood to have either failed to have been taxed, insured, or potentially both.”

10 Not Worth It: Vauxhall Astra ($1,000)

via flickr.com

We all got to start somewhere right? For most of us our first rides weren't the most ideal cars or vehicles we envisioned. For McGregor this was the case as he rode around in a 90s Vauxhall Astra.

Although the ride wasn’t a pricey one McGregor admitted during a Q & A that he had a close connection to the car; “I used to have a car years ago, it was my first car, it was an Opel Astra, or a Vauxhall Astra they’re probably called over here,” he recalled. “And the thing, it was my pride and joy, it was my pride. And then when I started getting a little bit older and it started conking out and it needed to be put through the test. I was in a relationship with a machine.”

9 Worth It: Range Rover ($87,000)

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Conor isn’t the first athlete to purchase a Range Rover. This is a popular ride due to several reasons. It’s a spacious ride with lots of luxury attached to it. This is one of the rides McGregor was recently spotted in just weeks ago. In fact, he has owned several Range Rover models in the past.

Perhaps the Range Rover he values the most is the model gifted to his wife a couple of years back when his fame really started to take off. This ride has both value in terms of the ride itself and sentimental value as well – a winning combination.

8 Not Worth It: Peugeot 206

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A car that was beat up and needed to be kick started is not necessarily a car of value. As Conor discusses this was the case with his Peugeot 206. Even with a worth of $200 this car wasn’t worth the hassle; “I was driving a beat up Peugeot 206. I used to have to kick start it, push it down the road and then jump in it and hope it wouldn’t conk out by the time I got into it. I had nothing but ten cent in my pocket and now you’re looking at a man who is reaping the benefits. I have everything I ever want. I can get anything I want and I can get it in multiple different colours.” He may never want to drive one again, but he can buy a whole bunch out of spite.

7 Worth It: Convertible Bentley Continental GTC ($238,825)

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Back in 2015 Conor really started to flex his muscles in terms of luxury car purchases. Among his most noteworthy new rides of the year was a gorgeous Convertible Bentley. This isn’t a cheap ride with base models going for over $200,000. He was caught in the car while driving around in the California area.

McGregor posted a photo of the car to his Twitter account showing just how much this toy meant to him. The man has come a long way since his days with a Peugeot. Perhaps McGregor himself could not have visualized riding around in a Bentley years later outside of Ireland.

6 Not Worth It: BMW 730d M Sport ($226,900)

via netcarshow.com

Take nothing away from this BMW model however considering McGregor has the i8 was it really all that worth it? Oddly enough Conor has never bought a Ferrari. The closest he’s been to one is driving around in the Italian luxury car alongside Dana White. Conor claims he envisioned driving a Ferrari while riding around in his Peugeot.

Oddly he hasn’t lived out that boyhood fantasy with a Ferrari purchase just yet. He could have put in a bit more money and opted for a stunning Ferrari 488 at $300,000. He could have also bought a Ferrari California as well at nearly the same price of the BMW.

5 Worth It: BMW i8 S-Coupe ($200,000)

via autotrader.ca

In preparation for his fight against Floyd Mayweather McGregor unveiled this stunning BMW ride – it is currently among the more noticeable BMWs of the current generation. The car is guaranteed to turn heads based off its advanced body shape.

Perhaps McGregor was trying to use some mind-game tactics ahead of the fight seeing as though Mayweather doesn’t have the car. Without a doubt Floyd can afford it, but he’s owned very few BMW models in the past. Conor bought this ride along with a Mercedes S-Class. Most of us can only dream of buying one of these rides let alone buying both of them as a package deal.

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4 Not Worth It: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ($66,590)

via motortrend.com

The Stingray isn’t the most common car Corvette enthusiasts see every day. The Premiere version was limited to 550 units. McGregor went off the map with the purchase of this rare ride. A different vehicle as opposed to his garage filled with Rolls Royce, Lambos and BMWs.

If he would have put in just a couple of thousand extra McGregor could have been riding around in a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, arguably one of the best Corvette types ever produced. It has a tame price point along with a sleek style and roaring capabilities. McGregor should have done his homework.

3 Worth It: Rolls-Royce Ghost ($350,000)

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It isn’t exactly every day that you get your face and name painted on a Rolls-Royce Ghost. For that reason alone surely this ride is worth every penny to Conor. The car value leaped a little higher than a regular Rolls Royce Ghost due to the specific modifications made on the outside.

According to Car Buzz this was the perfect intimidation tactic prior to his New York match against Eddie Alvarez. Perhaps he took this page out of Michael Jordan’s playbook. MJ used the same tactic to intimidate opponents while puffing on a cigar back in the 90s.

2 Not Worth It: Rolls Royce Wraith ($250,000)

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McGregor might have some regret in renting the Wraith. Conor posted a photo of the ride while standing on top of it. The dealership that McGregor rented the ride from was none too pleased, the Executive discussed his displeasure with The Sun; “He is stood on the car acting like it is his own. It is not his own. When you own one Conor you can stand on it like Floyd until then you can lose your deposit for standing on mine.” Given the legal battles McGregor faced for his actions the car wasn’t worth the trouble even if it was at a rental cost.

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1 Worth It: Rolls-Royce Dawn ($400,000)

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“A Rolls-Royce Dawn. For the Rolls-Royce Don!” We assume a play on words wasn’t the only reason for Conor’s purchase of this stunning Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible. In terms of value alone this one of McGregor’s most expensive rides. However, the luxury factor is also something to behold.

Heck, Floyd Mayweather, who owns a slew of Rolls-Royces, might be envious of this gorgeous model. The body has lots of similarities to the Wraith, it is said that 80% of the exterior panels are of the Wraith (just another reason as to why McGregor could have done without the Wraith). With a V12 engine the car has plenty of torque at 593 horsepower. However the true hero of this ride is the luxury on both the inside and out.

Sources: CarBuzz.com, BusinessInsider.com, AutoTrader.ca

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