Alexandra Mary Hirschi popularly known as "Supercar Blondie" is a contemporary and full-blown automotive celebrity. Her presence on YouTube showcases just how much she adores cars from the high-end supercar market. Recently, Supercar Blondie took to YouTube to show off her new Tiffany Custom Brabus G-Wagen to her 7.6 million followers. In the video, viewers can watch as she receives a one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz Brabus G-Wagen, which might just have the world’s coolest interior.

Seeing as a Tiffany dial Patek Philippe Nautilus wristwatch had a final selling price of $6 million, people can just imagine what a custom Tiffany car interior could do to the market price of a G-Wagen. The brand's personal light medium robin egg blue runs throughout its entire design to make it incredibly distinctive. What's more, its wheels and body kit enhances the performance of this unique G-Wagen to match the enhancements of its interior.

Let's take a closer look into Supercar Blondie's Custom Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen.

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Supercar Blondie's Custom Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen: The Big Reveal

Tiffany G-Wagen Supercar Blondie
Via: YouTube

Brabus, the German high-performance automotive aftermarket tuning company, took to kitting out an ordinary G-Wagen with a Tiffany makeover to make one of Mercedes-Benz's most striking interiors yet. The lucky owner of this one-of-a-kind G-Wagen is, of course, the car blogger and superstar herself, Supercar Blondie. Reports suggest that she sat around for six months waiting for this creation after handing it over to the team at Brabus.

After turning up in her charcoal gray Rolls-Royce Wraith, Supercar Blondie sees the gigantic box that resembles a Tiffany jewelry box and rushes over to it to reveal what's inside. After untying the white bow, the irresistible Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is on display for everyone to lust over.

The first thing Supercar Blondie points out is the rims. After sharing information that Brabus offers so many rims, she made her decision to kit the custom G-Wagen out with Monoblock 23-inch rims, which look to have taken inspiration from ones on Maybach models. Blondie loves how loud and extravagant they are, and as they compliment the exterior.

Furthermore, the Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen also boasts unique bronze metallic paintwork by @cardip_uae to compliment the robin blue Tiffany detailing.

Supercar Blondie's Custom Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen: The Tiffany Interior

Supercar Blondie Tiffany G-Wagen interior
Via: YouTube

The Tiffany detailing does not stop on the car's exterior. In fact, it oozes into the interior, so much so that the entire cabin boasts the custom Tiffany color, which truly makes the cabin the most irresistible part of the custom Brabus G-Wagen. Everything from its seats, dashboard and steering wheel to its center console features the Tiffany blue leather design.

Supercar Blondie loves the Tiffany blue color so much that she is going to ask the Brabus team to make the roof the same color, so that everything can match. Everything finished in the Tiffany blue color looks spectacular, and that explains why Blondie wants ever other feature given the same finish. The blue leather interior shines beautifully in the Dubai sunlight, which makes the car even more captivating.

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Other Custom Features Of The Supercar Blondie's Custom Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen

Supercar Blondie Tiffany G-Wagen model
Via: YouTube

The fun doesn't stop at the irresistible interior design. It continues deeper into the car as the team at Brabus kitted out the custom G-Wagen with Supercar Blondie's choice of the body kit and more.

Brabus added its biggest update under the hood, which is a 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 engine. An original G-Wagen features a twin-turbo with the same displacement, which can deliver a maximum of 416 horsepower. However, this bespoke upgrade now helps the Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen to deliver an incredible output of 789 horsepower and a peak torque of 738 lb-ft.

Furthermore, the body kit features a brand-new exhaust system which produces an amazing sound. It's so loud and so brutal that it opposes the elegant and sophisticated appearance of the Tiffany blue design. Yet, power and exhilaration are right up Supercar Blondie's street, so there's no wonder why she put these into the custom design plan.

Supercar Blondie's Custom Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen
via: YouTube

Final features that beautifully finish off the custom Supercar Blondie Tiffany Brabus G-Wagen include a carbon fiber spare wheel cover in the back, LED auxiliary lights on the roof, and a hood scoop to complement the metallic and Tiffany colors that runs through the car's exterior and interior.

Every single bespoke element that Supercar Blondie chose for her custom G-Wagen comes to life as she shows the viewers around the entire car in her reveal video. They all complement each other so well that they truly make the one-of-a-kind custom G-Wagen so tantalizing.

Overall, Supercar Blondie could not be happier with her new SUV. After taking the viewers around its unique and irresistible features, she took it out for a drive, and the excitement in her voice is enough to make any G-Wagen or Tiffany lover quite envious.

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