Barry Weiss has to be the most beloved Storage Wars character. He made his fortune through fruits and vegetables, believe it or not; “'I owned a produce company,' Barry told AOL in an interview, 'and we exported and imported, my brother and myself. I did that for years.'” Safe to say he made a couple of bucks prior to his Storage Wars fame. That’s especially evident when scrolling down this list. Weiss is a sucker for vintage cars and bikes. Not only that, but he also loves purchasing unorthodox models you just don’t see every day. As you might expect, these rides have a heck of a resale value. However, in lots of cases, Weiss doesn’t plan on reselling the cars and bikes, unlike he did on Storage Wars.

Updated March 2022: If you're a fan of Barry Weiss and Storage Wars, you'll be happy to know that we've updated this article with more details surrounding the storage unit treasure hunter's car collection.

Barry isn’t the only treasure hunter out there. So many others spend hours upon hours a day finding local storage auctions. However, unlike Barry, most of them aren’t on some type of fancy TV show, though that doesn’t mean we should discredit their incredible finds. In this article, we also take a look at unique motorcycle and car finds from the last couple of years. This list includes vintage models from back in the day like a Mustang. However, we’ll also feature contemporary finds such as a Tesla, believe it or not. Enough of the chit-chat; let’s get to it. Here are 12 rides everyone needs to see from Barry’s collection along with 7 rare rides that were found in storage units. Let’s get started!

18 Barry’s Collection - The Chicken Car


Barry showed off this ride during an episode of Storage Wars. Ironically, he was visiting chickens while driving the ride to a ranch. Barry found rare sunglasses for chickens in a storage unit. Although that sounds absurd, the glasses have a worth of $500. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say?

As for the car, it might be just as absurd as the chicken sunglasses found in the storage unit. Nonetheless, like his other cars, it gets people talking, and it isn’t a ride we see every day—that’s for sure. It might not be his most valuable ride, but it's still a pretty funny and rare find.

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17 Barry’s Collection - Beatnik Custom Hot Rod With Vintage Ford


This has to be Barry’s finest vehicle. It isn’t every day that we see a ride from the 1950s on the road, let alone one as rare this ride that looks as though it belongs in space. Believe or not, that glass bubble you see is a retractable one.

Yes, this vintage ride is no ordinary vehicle and definitely a unique concept. Barry’s ride is considered the world’s largest bubble-top custom ride, according to Celebrity Cars Blog. The rare ride took three years to build. Barry definitely gets a lot of attention when he’s driving around in this car.

16 Found In A Storage Unit - James Bond’s Lotus Esprit Submarine


It might seem impossible to top the uniqueness of Barry’s ride that we just mentioned. However, this storage unit find might have the credentials. The insane part is that the buyers paid a mere $100 for the storage locker in Long Island back in 1989.

According to Jalopnik, the buyers found a sheet covering that was hiding something massive underneath. Turns out, that massive thing was the James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine! Talk about hitting the jackpot, huh? The man bought the unit for $100 while the submarine was worth close to $1 million. Not a bad exchange, wouldn’t you say?

15 Barry’s Collection - Blastolene Decoliner


For those of you who really aren’t too familiar with Barry from Storage Wars, you’ll quickly come to realize throughout this article that he has some wacky personal taste when it comes to the cars he buys. This one, clearly, is another one of those examples.

Known as “The Decoliner,” this ride looks like an amusement park ride from the '70s as opposed to an actual ride capable of driving. The ride, as you can tell, is quite spacious on the inside and kind of like an RV made for five. As you might expect, the initial use of this ride was for promotional purposes.

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14 Barry’s Collection - Vintage Triumph Motorcycle


This is another rare motorcycle ride. Barry showed this one off during a Rock Store meetup. Although lots of bike enthusiasts love the ride, it was a troubling meet for Barry, as his bike seemed to be dripping a bit of oil from the bottom. Barry was none too pleased with that as you can imagine. However, given the older age of this particular ride, that's to be expected.

Unlike his other rides, this motorcycle doesn’t have an unconventional look, especially compared to the Moto Guzzi. This is just a vintage ride with a stunning look to it. Despite the oil leak, it remains in remarkable condition on the outside.

13 Found In A Storage Unit - 1927 Harley-Davidson FHA 8-Valve V-Twin


Finding motorcycles in storage units isn’t as common as finding cars for whatever reason, although it should be mentioned that actual motorcycle parts are, in fact, typically found.

This find was a lot greater than random parts. A man out of Australia found this unique racing bike in a shed. Not only is it from the 1920s, but it also contains a unique sidecar–causing its value to skyrocket that much higher. Given the uniqueness and rarity of the bike, it was auctioned for more than $400,000—not a bad storage shed find, wouldn’t you say?

12 Found In A Storage Unit - Tesla Roadster


When we think of finds in a storage unit, we typically associate older items with an expensive value. However, what if we told you that someone found a darn Tesla in an abandoned shipping container?

During the episode “Judgment Day “on Storage Hunters, a duo found a beautiful and crisp Tesla roadster just waiting in the unit under a cover. The ride was in mint condition and looked as though it was untouched. The car was apparently an insurance write-off, according to Tesla Motors Club. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

11 Barry’s Collection - 1940 Ford COE Truck

via Dragon Images

“For a truck that was purpose-built by Ford to endure a hard laborious life filled with anything but glamorous hauling duties, this space-age sheet-metal monster has endured.” (Source: Hot Rod) The initial purpose for this truck, wayback when, was for labor requirements, believe it or not.

These days, it's quite clear that trucks have upgraded, especially in terms of space on the backend. These days, such a truck is celebrated for its sheer uniqueness as a ride you just don’t see every day. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Barry decided to dish out a couple of bucks in order to get custody of this old-school car.

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10 Found In A Storage Unit - 2004 Rolls-Royce


Over in Florida, according to Spare Foot, unpaid storage units are an issue that takes place more times than not, according to the president Marc Smith. In this particular case, the unpaid unit was sold for $7,000, a pricier cost. However, on the inside was a stunning Rolls-Royce ride. Now, selling it wasn’t the easiest due to how hard the process might be to actually own the ride.

However, it was still a gem most storage unit finders don’t expect to unveil every day. At the very least, with such a find, the buyer was able to pay off the price of the unit.

9 Barry’s Collection - Lincoln-Zephyr


You know a car is pretty darn good when the likes of Drive Mag compare it to a possible Batman-style ride: “If 'spare cash' means around $300,000-400,000, then you're in the right place to take home a car that has Bruce Wayne written all over it.” (Source: Driver Mag) Somehow, Barry snatched up the ride for $55,000 back in 2013–that’s an absolute steal, if you ask us.

Barry completely repainted the ride black, but even when it was purple, the car wasn’t all that bad and was quite the attention getter. It looks completely different in black though, and—dare we say—a lot more Batman-suitable these days. The car hit new levels of fame when Hot Wheels recreated it. Believe it or not, it was bought for a quarter of a million back in 1999. Barry paid less than half the price years later. After giving it the black paint job and making some other alterations, the value completely skyrocketed once again. He’s a wise car collector indeed.

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8 Found In A Storage Unit - DeLorean DMC-12


This is a car with a polarizing legacy. Some motor enthusiasts love the futuristic body of the ride; however, others laugh at its poor capabilities when on the road. Although it looks like it’s from the future, it definitely doesn’t drive as such.

This had led to the car’s abandonment more times than not. Make a quick Google search on abandoned DeLoreans, and you’ll be astonished at how many were just left out in the cold only to be forgotten about. Turns out, the same thing took place during a storage find on the show, Storage Hunter UK. The couple found a tucked-away DeLorean just sitting there in remarkable condition.

7 Barry’s Collection - Moto Guzzi 750


Barry loved this ride so much that he decided to get it recreated. He showed off his toy during the Bonneville BUB Motorcycle Meet back in 2012. It was one of the main talking points due to its unique look.

Don’t be fooled by the outside—the motorcycle is also capable of running and not just a prop. Barry revved the engine at the meet, and surprisingly, it contains a decent amount of power—it isn’t just looks. As you can tell, Barry also appreciates wacky motorcycle rides, not just cars.

6 Barry’s Collection - 1951 BSA Custom


Barry's a sucker when it comes to anything rare and vintage. Whether that be a rare item found in a storage locker or a rare motorcycle, Barry is usually all-in when it comes to such items. This particular ride is no exception. It's a ride dating back to the early 1950s, and Weiss had the motorcycle completely revamped and altered.

The BSA Custom maintains a large worth especially because of the rarity of the ride. Only two were ever produced, and Barry is one of the two owners these days. He showed off the ride at another motorcycle meetup. It's definitely not a bad ride to showcase.

5 Found In A Storage Unit - 1966 Shelby Mustang


“According to this CNN story, a man charged with removing the contents of a storage unit whose renter had allowed to go into default uncovered a very rare 1966 Shelby GT-350 and immediately shipped it off to auction.” (Source: Old Cars Weekly)

But wait; there’s more. According to the writer of this article, the rare find has a skyrocketing value, perhaps in the six digits. That’s really not a bad find and perhaps another reason to look into storage units a little more aggressively. And who knows? Car enthusiasts might stumble upon such a beauty—if lucky enough, that is.

4 Barry’s Collection - 1958 Gilera


This rare ride has a similar look to the Guzzi featured earlier in the article, especially in terms of shape. A fan posted this photo to their Flickr account and claimed Barry Weiss was the man behind the ride. It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest, especially given the fine details on the ride and the unique shape that we just don’t see on motorcycle rides nowadays.

The paint job, with a beautiful blue and red color, is another fantastic part of this bike. This is definitely one of his finer motorcycle rides and one that has quite the value.

3 Barry’s Collection - 1947 Cowboy Cadillac


This might be Barry’s most prized ride of them all. According to Weiss himself, he’ll never consider getting rid of this ride. Seriously, how can you blame the guy? The car not only still runs decades later but is also quite the head turner visually.

The Cowboy Cadillac was built back in the late 1940s by designer Frank Derosa, according to Roadkill Customs. He created several custom hot rod rides throughout the years. Like Barry’s other rides, this is a unique model and one you won’t find all that frequently nowadays.

2 Found In A Storage Unit - 1937 Bugatti 57s


Identified as an obsessive owner, a doctor kept this ride hidden from the public for more than 50 years inside a garage storage unit. The doctor bought the ride back in the 1950s for 895 Euros. You won’t imagine what it sold for years later after his passing.

It was put up for auction after it was found tucked away in the storage area. The highest bid for this ride was an absurd $3 million. This from the same ride that had a worth of $895 when it was first purchased.

1 Barry’s Car Collection - Tim Burton Batmobile


This isn’t just any Batmobile. This is one of the most beloved Batmobile rides of all time, and it's arguably the best ever. Now we’re unsure as to whether or not Barry owns the replica of this ride. However, what we do know is that he used this unique Batmobile during an episode of Barry’d Treasure on A&E.

He didn’t have the easiest time riding around in the iconic prop car. In fact, when trying to park the ride, Barry caught a little bit of the sidewalk. For those that watched the episode, viewers must've gasped at that incident. Thankfully, the ride was just fine. It might be a thing of beauty, but it isn’t the easiest to drive!

Sources: YouTube, Daily Mail, Driver Mag

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