No other American manufacturer can claim the legacy surrounding the Harley-Davidson brand and its bikes. Perhaps that's the primary reason why the Winsconsin-based manufacturer dominates sales, with Statista estimating a market share of around 30 percent in the States. The HD name alone invokes images of burnt gasoline and the roar of bulky chrome and steel bikes sparkling in the sun. Harley bikes are very popular with riders who love long rides over great distances. They are the go-to bikes to many riders' clubs and are subject to cool projects by custom shops.

The best bit about Harley is that there is a Harley for every rider. Indeed, they don't make sportbikes, but one might be on the way, along with their first adventure bike, the Harley-Davidson Pan America, and the Harley-Davidson Livewire, an electric motorcycle for the future. While Harley's future sounds interesting, we can reminisce on a glorious past with the Dyna, one of the best Harley-Davidson bikes ever made. The Dyna was first introduced in 1991 and was offered in various models for almost three decades. Here's why we love the Harley-Davidson Dyna, a bike that embodied the heritage and character of the HD brand.

8 An Affordable Big Twin

2000 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide
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Harley-Davidson's motorcycles are expensive since it is a premium brand with strict standards and increasing quality. The bikes are also assembled in America, where the labor cost is relatively high, so it's easy to see why they come with hefty sticker prices. But among the big twin motorcycles, the Dyna ought to be one of the more affordable choices.

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The 2017 and last model came with a $15,499 MSRP. Very affordable compared to other V-twins like the Street Glide, which starts at over $22k. It just might be the only Big Twin in many riders' budgets.

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7 Easy To Customize For Short And Tall Riders

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One of the main attractions to the Dyna is their customization capacity, and while they don't make them anymore, there are plenty of fantastic customized Dyna's we can't stop falling in love with. And the Dyna doesn't discriminate by height.

Urban Calvary 2014 Dyna Street Bob
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A tall rider could mod the bike by adding forward controls to add that extra legroom, while the shorter riders could easily lower the bike using shorter shocks. Also, you can easily add any accessory to go anywhere and then take it off later with no fuss.

6 Solid Rigid Structure

2009 FXD Dyna Super Glide
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When riding the Harley Dyna, you will feel its frame's solid, rigid structure. This is primarily thanks to the rectangular section backbone that resists flexing and twisting when accelerating or turning.

Harleys Dyna Wide Glide

The Sportster front end and the Big Twin chassis helped create an extremely versatile motorcycle. Also, the 16-inch Fang wheels made of cast aluminum are very lightweight, and they help improve the performance of the bike while adding the classic race-bike styling.

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5 The Charm Of The Retro Look

2016 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider
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The modern-retro category of motorcycles is one of the most popular classes today, featuring bikes inspired by bikes of the yesteryear. A few famous examples include the Triumph Bonneville T120, the Indian Chief, Ducati Scrambler Icon, BMW R18, and Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Revival. All these carry bits of DNA that belong to different periods.

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The Dyna offers the charm of the retro look across its trims. All trims are classic through and through. For instance, the Dyna Street Bob trim has the rear fender chopped off to ooze that classic bobber styling, and the Wide Glide is a throwback to the custom chopper glory days.

4 Harley’s Middle Child

Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob
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Many consider the Harley-Davidson Dyna to be the brand's 'middle child.' The bike has many bigger and smaller siblings, but it is somewhere in the middle. Usually, the middle child doesn't get as much attention as the bigger or smaller siblings. Similarly, the Dyna mostly went under the ladder, overshadowed by its popular smaller compact Sportsters, the entry-level Street, and the larger ultra-plush Tourers.

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Size-wise, the Dyna lies in between the Sportsters and the Tourers, which makes it unique in that it can attract all kinds of riders. The only negative for some is that it isn't really the 'best' at anything.

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3 Five Trim Options

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With up to five trims in its last model year, there is almost a Dyna for everyone. The Street Bob is an authentic bobber complete with tall, ape-hanger handlebars and the stripped-down Dyna look. The Fat Bob is the oversized version of the Dyna with blacked-out finishes, dual bullet headlamps, fat tires, and oversized front forks.

2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

The Wide Glide is a true custom chopper that gets a huge laced front wheel, and with the big raked out fork, you'd be forgiven to think it was a vintage bike. If you are into long rides, you can opt for the Switchback, which bridges the gap between Dyna and Touring model, and features a windshield and hard-shell panniers.

2 More Balanced Than The Softail

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For the 2018 model year, Harley ditched the Dyna family, replacing it with the Softail lineup, looking to move to a lighter, faster accelerating and easier handling platform. But the Softail nameplate wasn't new, as it has been around since 1984. While the Softail brings in new goodies like the counterbalanced Twin Cam engine, both are equally great bikes with plenty of accessories available. But the Dyna is arguably slightly more balanced than the Softail and is better at cornering and steering in traffic.

2016 Harley Dyna Street Bob
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The Dyna is also better suited to carry a pillion, with the Softail only accommodating a lighter load. Also, you will spend less to buy a Dyna.

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Jackson “Jax” Teller: Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport
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After appearing in celebrated films and TV shows, various cars or motorcycles got their date in the limelight. By the time the Sons of Anarchy premiered in 2008, the Dyna had been around for close to two decades. The successful TV show depicted an outlaw motorcycle club in a fictional California town.

Edward Kip “Half-Sack” Epps: Harley-Davidson Dyna
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Most of the club members rode on blacked-out Dyna models, and it helped catapult the Harley-Davidson Dyna to stardom status. After seven seasons, the show had created a lasting and invaluable following for the Dyna, making them highly coveted models.

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