Indian, a motorcycle producing company, has achieved many wins on the flat track in recent years and has left quite a legacy, seizing their most recent victory in 2021. To commemorate this success, Indian has announced the release of the 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition. This bike is also a limited edition, having a finite number of units produced. It also takes its cues from several of Indian's other bikes, most notably the FTR750. Further, a number of premium components have been added in order to emphasize the bike's special status.

Read on to discover more about the story behind the 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition, as well as its appearance and features.

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Indian FTR Championship Edition: Celebrating A Legacy

2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition inside workshop
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This model of Indian was made in honor of its flat track legacy. The Indian crew has thus far accumulated five wins at the American Flat Track Championship, and to commemorate those victories, 400 units of the 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition are being produced. Inspired by the FTR750, this particular model has a paint scheme evoking race cars' paint jobs at the track. The model was officially shown off at the 2022 opening of the American Flat Track season at the Volusia Half-Mile.

The FTR has roots from the Flat Track, though the 2022 FTR edition has been slightly modified by exchanging flat track wheels for street tires. The FTR debuted in 2019, sporting a track-inspired design from the start, making it more of a choice to be the basis of the Championship Edition. After all, Indian Motorcycle Racing has won the Manufacturer's Championships for the past five years. At the end of 2021, the Indian Wrecking Crew managed to seize their fifth win, cementing a dominant winning streak. It was from that victory that the concept of the 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition was born.

Indian FTR Championship Edition: Premium Components Added

2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition displayed indoors, side view
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A few parts and pieces installed on this motorcycle are a notch above in terms of quality. Moving away from the “showpiece” stereotype, Indian has chosen to accentuate this model with some special features and parts, further emphasizing the bike's special status and making it appear more prestigious and exclusive. This includes fully adjustable front forks, lightweight carbon fiber parts, a titanium Akrapovic Exhaust, an inverted front fork, a fully-adjustable Sachs ZF suspension, piggyback shock, and flat tracker aluminum handlebars.

Further, carbon fiber can be found in parts all over the bike, including the front fender, airbox covers, seat cowl, and headlight nacelles. Changes also go beyond the aesthetic, as new ride-enhancing technologies are deployed here, like cornering ABS, traction control, rear lift mitigation, stability control, and three separate ride modes: Sport, Standard, and Rain.

The Dunlop DT3-R tires are also detailed enough to showcase a flat track-inspired tread pattern, with the back being 18” and the front being 19”. Sound output is also under control thanks to the Akrapovič twin-outlet muffler, chosen for its race-inspired appearance. Altogether, the Championship Edition costs about $16,499 as a starting MSRP.

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Indian FTR Championship Edition: Certain Specs Stand Out

2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition displayed outside on lawn
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A few specs from this bike, being limited edition and made with premium components, stand out. The 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition has a liquid-cooled, 1203 cc, V-twin engine. It puts out 120 HP and 87 ft-lbs of torque. On top of that, this bike showcases a radially-mounted dual front disc with Brembo calipers, chosen for their ability to offer superior control and stopping power. The bike has a 12.5:1 compression ratio.

The dry weight for the bike is around 490 lbs, and its fuel tank can hold 3.4 gallons of gasoline, which may bring the total weight to 521 lbs. The bike also features cruise control and has 7.2” of ground clearance. Its six-speed transmission is also an important point, and its wheelbase is 60”. The aforementioned Akrapovic exhaust muffler is made of titanium, and lean-sensitive stability control helps riders balance. Bluetooth capability is also incorporated into the 4.3” touchscreen.

Pieced Together From Previous Models

Black and Bronze 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition
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A decent amount of parts and pieces for this particular bike were courtesy of Indian's prior units. As noted before, the FTR750 was the main inspiration. The ride height comes from the Scrambler, as do the longer suspension travel and wheel width. The base and S models of FTR donate the adjustable Sachs fork and piggyback shock.

The S and R Carbon contribute the electronic components, such as the touchscreen, ABS, and ride mode selection. All these pieces were specifically chosen to help make the Championship Edition more notable, special, and successful. A few of the cosmetic items are more exclusive, such as tank and tail accents, red frame paint, red-spoked wheels, and a tank-mounted “championship commemorative bezel.”


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