Late in 2020, Allen Millyard reintroduced his pride and joy to the public. A road-legal Dodge V10-powered super bike that he built in his shed. The engine weighs over 700 lbs and sits on the bike's frame. Unlike many passion project vehicles, the owner drives this bike and uses it properly.

Millyard has done over 9,000 miles on trips to the United Kingdom's motorcycle hotspots such as the Isle of Man and Guernsey. The Isle of Man is famous for the TT race but also its lack of speed limits; it's the perfect place to stretch the legs of this beast of a bike. Built-in a shed, the finish is remarkably professional. The red of the Viper's engine cover goes well with the burgundy of the bike's fuel tank.

Capable of over 200 mph, this bike will beat your car.

What's Special About The Millyard Viper?

As the old adage goes, there's no replacement for displacement. Fitted to the body of the small bike is the Dodge Viper GTS's 8.0-liter V10 engine. According to Motorcycle News, this bike hit 207 mph in 2009. This beats the Viper ACR's top speed of 177 mph. The large motor protrudes aggressively from the side of the bike's frame. It looks peculiar yet the Millyard is an excellent platform for such an engine. The long body encapsulates the mighty V10.

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Surprisingly, the engineering team behind this project isn't from the Viper's homeland of America. They are British. The bike's speedometer is a little out of sync with reality reading only 130 mph when the bike in reality did 180 mph. With digital instruments, the team confirmed the 207.1 mph top speed.

Are There Any Other V10 Powered Bikes?

The V10 is a staple of the supercar world. More powerful than a V8 but not as heavy as a V12. Yet the motors tend to sound smoother than their smaller V8 counterparts. In cars, they offer the best of both worlds. However, on a bike they are cumbersome and due to their width ruin the aerodynamics.

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This doesn't mean that no manufacturer has tried putting a V10 on a bike. Dodge themselves did this with the Tomahawk. A non-road legal motorbike that used the 8.3-liter V10 from the Viper. Clad in chrome, the bike is eye-catching. That is, if one sets their eye on it. With a top speed of 350 mph and a 0-60-mph time beneath 2 seconds, it doesn't stay in place long. Introduced in 2003 this bike paved the way for projects to succeed it. The Tomahawk differs from Millyard's design as it uses four tires, unlike the Millyard Viper, which is essentially a bike with a giant engine.

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