There is an interesting evolution phase happening among scooters right now. More and more automakers are coming up with all-rounded versions of this urban city runabout. And yes, we are talking about the ADV craze that has sprouted among scooters. We recently saw Honda with the X-ADV and Yamaha with the TMAX, causing shock waves in Europe and Asia.

The new formula is pretty straightforward. Take a cozy scooter, jack it up with more suspension travel, and slap on some chunky tires to tread places. And it seems to be working because Aprilia has also joined this bandwagon with the sporty SR GT Series. This Italian adventure scooter was first showcased at EICMA 2021, and they decided to go ahead with it owing to the overwhelming interest.

But nope! We aren't getting it and Europe isn't either (for now). Japan is where the Aprilia SR GT 200 has been launched (Japan sure gets some unique scooters). The powertrain is humble, and you won't go fast on this ADV. But it sure will take you more places than that generic scooter you got there. If Aprilia plans to launch the SR GT (150 or 200) in the US, then the Honda ADV150 is sure to be its arch-rival.

Aprilia's first urban adventure scooter just got launched in Japan, and we are jealous (just a bit!).

Is A 174cc Single Cylinder Enough To Take You Places?

Aprilia SR GT 200 hd wallpaper

The 2022 Aprilia SR GT 200 is powered by a 174cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It churns out 17.4 hp and 12.16 lb-ft of torque. These figures are minuscule but at the end of the day, it is still a scooter, and you aren't going to climb a mountain with it! But yes, compared to the standard layout of scooters, this ADV runabout will give you the confidence to take the battered roads once in a while.

Just make sure to avoid inclinations as its CVT gearbox doesn't have the muscle to overcome those tall claims. The SR GT 200 is a hefty scooter with a curb weight of 326.3 lbs (148 kg). And a notable chunk comes from its 2.3-gallon fuel tank that is slated to return 200 miles of driving range.

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Sporty Design With A Rugged Touring Attitude

Aprilia SR GT 200 side view

Aprilia has not left any stones unturned to make its first ADV scooter look rad. After all, it's Italian. And it gets inspired by a lot of other Aprilia offerings like the Southeast Asia-specific SXR line-up of maxi-scooters and even the new Aprilia RS 660. The sporty appeal is pretty strong here with sharp body panels. The front fascia is dominated by a cool tri-LED headlamp setup.

Aprilia SR GT 200 gets dual-pot LED lighting

It also gets a smoked windshield to uphold the ADV vibe. The transmission-tunnel type design in between the rider's leg gives it a motorcycle-ish stance. To mimic a hardcore off-roader, Aprilia has also given the SR GT 200 sliver panels below the footpegs, reminiscent of a beefy bash plate. The rear section is sleek and slender and gives off a naked-motorcycle vibe.

The SR GT 200 is offered for Japan in three colorways - Street Gray, Red Raceway, and Street Gold. Except for the blacked-out Street Gray, the wheels of this ADV's other colorways are bright red. The Street Gold and Bright red combo instantly remind us of Aprilia's uber-cool middleweight sports machine - the RS 660.

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Aprilia's ADV Scooter Is Feature-Packed

Aprilia SR GT 200 cockpit view

The adventure essence is not just confined to looks, but Aprilia has taken measures to help the SR GT 200 perform as well. The taller stance with its wider handlebar and the standard tall windshield makes for a cozy touring layout. The single-seat gets a dual-split design to give the rider lower back support and provide a comfortable seating position for the pillion.

The suspension setup is taken care of by Showa. Its 33 mm (1.3 inches) front forks provide 122 mm (4.8 inches) travel. The rear dual springs provides102 mm (4.01 inches) travel and also offer a five-position adjustably preload. It gets 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheels which are wrapped with 110/80 and 130/70 section tires respectively.

Aprilia SR GT 200 seat layout close-up view

These tires are chunky and wide, offering ample cornering and high-speed confidence. It packs 260 mm petal front disc brakes and a 220 mm rear petal setup. Single-channel ABS co-developed with Bosch is standard. Under-seat storage is decent with 25-liters (0.17 cu. ft.) of cubby space at your disposal. 2022 Aprilia SR GT 200 gets an LCD instrument cluster that is compatible with an optional Bluetooth connection feature.

Full LED lighting and a Start-Stop system are other tech features here. Being an ADV, Aprilia is also offering a cozy list of touring-friendly accessories like a 32-liter top box, a 33-liter aluminum top box, a larger windscreen, and crash protection in the form of premium matte black steel tubing carved around the sharp body.

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Will Aprilia SR GT 200 Launch In The US?

Aprilia SR GT 200 gets split LED lighting

Sadly, it's a no for now. Japan is getting the SR GT 200 first and is priced at an equivalent of $4,732. It will surely make for a compelling competitor against the very popular Honda ADV150 which retails for $4,300. But frankly, these machines are of little to no use in the US because of the mediocre performance rating.

These sub 200cc scooters don't make sense for the US. But if Aprilia ever plans to punch in more volume into these scooters, then an Aprilia SR GT 350 or 400 will be a treat for the US. And we already have a competitor in mind - the 2022 Honda ADV350. Come on already Honda and Aprilia! Give us what we want.


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