The Dodge Demon. It’s one of the most insane factory muscle cars in recent time, or perhaps of all time. According to many of us, it’s the ultimate muscle car that one can count on winning races against other stock muscle cars (emphasis on the word stock). If you take a Demon straight out of the factory gates and bring it to a drag strip, it’ll still be impressive. The 0-60 acceleration of this beautiful machine takes just 2.3 seconds and finishes a quarter-mile run in just 9.6 seconds at a whopping 140 mph.

That’s bonkers already. Throw in drag radials, a drag-spec engine, suspension tunes, and a bottle of nitrous oxide, and you’ve got yourself a scary and intimidating beast. Herman Young is a Demon owner who founded the YouTube channel Demonology, which deals with everything related to the Dodge Demon. His drag racer is about as fast as production vehicles can get. There are no real competitors that can dethrone the Demon, or are there?

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Meet The 7-Second Procharged Mustang

Herman went out to the Cadillac V-Racing event to get some passes with his friends at the CTS-V Racing club. But eventually, he ended up facing a seemingly normal-looking Ford Mustang, except with the big fat tires and a parachute at the back, of course. We are barely a minute and a half into the video, and Young’s friend at the strip sarcastically asks where his slow Demon is.

The two cars line up at the starting line with burnouts. How can you not have burnouts? Both the engines build up optimal revs, the GO light appears, and BAM! Demonology hits one of the biggest wheelies of his career. His Demon even takes a chunk out of the road when it lands. But that wasn’t enough because the Procharged Mustang, with a relatively smaller wheelie, has already taken a lead ahead of the Demon. The race went on for about five more seconds, and you have a winner. This time around, the Mustang takes the cake with a little over 7 seconds on the timer.

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Dodge Demon Driver Is A Good Sport

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is A Drag-Racer
Via: Dodge

Many of us would be too upset after a devastating loss like this one to be gracious or well-mannered. We’d often see people try to come up with excuses that would make it seem like they lost because of outside circumstances. Herman, on the other hand, had a valid reason. His 1st and 2nd gear shifts were causing problems, so he couldn’t run with a nitrous kit as a result. He even tried to get the better, more favorable lane, but was unsuccessful.

However, Young didn’t get all grumpy and demand a rematch. He seemed cool as a cucumber. Heck, he even added clips from the movie Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) depicting his loss against the Ford. Both drivers had a good laugh after the race and ended up giving us another example of how a good sportsman's spirit is way better than being a sore loser.

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