The digital car rendering world is an amazing place. It allows artists to be able to create some wonderful looking cars, with the bonus that no real car will get modified in a way that might upset some people. One of the best renderers is Abimelec Arellano, and he is an extremely talented creator. His latest rendering is of an epic looking Ford Mustang GT500 in carbon fiber with a super looking widebody kit and some custom wheels too.

A Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Exterior

The first thing we notice on this car is the carbon fiber exterior. The entire body of the car is beautifully decked out in the color, and it looks incredible in the wild studio lighting that Arellano has used. For example, Arellano has used some red lighting on one side of the car, and it reflects beautifully on the side of the Mustang. The darker light across the center of the Mustang adds an air of menace to it. Pleasingly, very few body modifications are now applied to the car, but there are still some on the Mustang.

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A Subtle And Interesting Widebody Kit

Carbon Mustang GT500 Render Front View
via abimelecdesign Instagram Page

Arellano has added a subtle but very nice-looking widebody kit to the Mustang. The head-on view of the car shows these perfectly, with the larger fenders at the very front adding an extra bit of bulk to the Mustang. The larger fenders are also visible at the back of the car and the hood has a few vents in the middle as well, possibly making it a custom design.

The side view also gives us a great look at the changes to the car, especially around the fender area as we see them bulge across the wheels.

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Stunning Custom Wheels For The Mustang

Carbon Mustang GT500 Render Side View
via abimelecdesign Instagram Page

Arellano has also added some very cool custom wheels to the car as well. He has given the Mustang wheels from Chet Baigh of @aerolarri on Instagram, with a multitude of spokes and paired up with the carbon exterior design of the Mustang they look absolutely stunning. It’s a very subtle revision to the car, but it shows how much something as minor as a wheel design change can alter the appearance of a car. The back of the Mustang looks particularly evil, with the Shelby lettering half obscured by the studio light that Arellano has used for the car.

Source: abimelecdesign Instagram Page

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