Many automotive enthusiasts who can't step into the world of fast supercars say if you can't go fast, go slow. This means off-roading, crawling through dunes, and pushing slow cars to their limits. The epitome of this philosophy comes in monster trucks and tanks, although they do get quite expensive. The epitome of cool military vehicles, the Ripsaw can handle everything. Tackling an obstacle that really no vehicle can get over will never get old. Defense manufacturers understand this, using their military platforms their vehicles enter the civilian market.

This dual-track off roader can bring a smile to anyone's face.

What Is The Ripsaw Tank?

Sold by Howe & Howe, the Ripsaw enters the market as a recreational luxury tank. It shares the underpinnings with the defense manufacturer's M5 battle tank. The company market the tank essentially as a toy to share with your friends. Howe & Howe write, "Simply enter through the gull wing doors and buckle those seatbelts for the ride of your life!" With a top speed of 55 mph and a weight of 10,000 lb this vehicle certainly builds up momentum. With a 20-inch ground clearance and a turning radius of 8 feet, the tank has a nearly unmatched level of mobility.

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Driving the tank usually, a PPE Duramax Diesel motor hides in the chassis. From the factory, this sees anywhere between 375 and 550 horsepower and up to 700 lb of torque. According to Cleetus McFarland, his example has a 700-horsepower engine that increases the tank's top speed to 70 mph.

Currently closed to orders, a buyer's only option to get the Howe & Howe vehicle comes from the used market. Those on the search for one of these have to look to the used market. Automotive YouTuber Cleetus McFarland bought one of these ultra-rare recreational and utility vehicles in February. McFarland's example needed a little work. With broken brackets on the brakes and the exposed coil-overs received a service. On a ten-ton tank, brakes are obviously of the utmost importance.

How Much Fun Is The Ripsaw Tank?

Ripsaw Tank front view
Cleetus Mcfarland via YouTube

With LED lighting and a modern touchscreen infotainment display, the Ripsaw's transition to the civilian market sees it step into the realm of true luxury cars. However, luxury features are no guarantee of fun. McFarland's tank's potential is on clear display when towing wrecked Crown Victoria sedans into place. This towing capacity would make nearly any Ford F-150 owner envious. Simply reversing the rear tow bar into one of these old sedans is enough to completely deform a door as if it went through a crash.

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Without issue, the recreational tank mounts the Crown Victorias. In an interesting move, the Ford's roof remains intact, supporting the weight of the tank. In the process, the glass shatters. Taking multiple runs over the cars they eventually take their new compact form. In terms of sheer crushing power, this model by Howe & Howe does not meet the power of something like Britain's Challenger 2 Tank. These weigh in at 65 tonnes. This shows the difference between the Ripsaw and a battle tank, but by no means detracts from the fun an owner can have with this dual-track vehicle.

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