Whether deploying troops or shifting heavy resources and artillery, transportation is a vital factor amidst a war. One military truck that pushed through 20 years of service for the U.S. army was the Dodge M-37.

The truck was first deployed in the 1950s Korean War. Given their contemporary success, the M-37s lasted a long ride with the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1970. Today, veterans and others still cherish this truck as a valuable relic.

Modernization resulted in the immense evolution of technology. Pickup trucks have hence improved in their functionality and performance. This heavyweight pickup truck is still very potent despite the truck becoming stagnant. Many still find these versatile trucks a worthy companion, however. Campers and hunters find no problem with the M-37. Even lumberjacks and firewood suppliers could drive this truck with ease.

The M-37 was one historic truck, especially for the U.S. army. This Old Truck YouTube channel breaks down this truck and gives a detailed insight into its features.

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The Dodge M-37 Variants

The M-37 truck family came with two alternatives of cover tops, namely the arctic top and the canvas top. The arctic top was hard fiberglass, and the canvas top was a soft canvas cloth top.

Luckily, the canvas is detachable based on the driver's preference. Meanwhile, the arctic top is non-detachable. The variant derives its name from its usage in cooler regions. This model of the M-37 was often visible with a boxed bed space.

Dodge M-37 Powertrain Similar To Previous Generation

Dodge M37 front view
This Old Truck

The Dodge M-37 was simply a beast. The three-quarter-ton 4x4 truck followed the WC series from World War II. The truck followed the footsteps of its ancestors. All the components weren't modified, but the company rectified all errors from previous generations. For example, the transfer case used in the M-37 was still the vulnerable NP200.

Dodge successfully remodeled its steering. Although it still feels like the steering of a tractor, it was way smoother than the previous models. The softer suspension takes credit for the smoother steering and better ride experience. The transmission NP420 used in the vehicle was sort of ahead of time. A later released model of legal civilian power wagons utilized the same transmission. The synchronized third and fourth gear made shifting easier than the earlier power wagons. This allowed a better pickup without having to deal with combat simultaneously.

One noticeable flaw was that these trucks had a low horsepower, high torque engine. This led to the breakage of the connecting rods when the truck pushed high RPMs over a long time.

Dodge M-37 More Versatile Than Other Power Wagons

Dodge M37 Interior
This Old Truck

When we say this truck is versatile, we mean it. Despite the six-and-a-half-foot bed space being shorter than its civilian counterparts, it could easily accommodate eight members. The bed space is pretty ample and was primarily used to haul cargo. But in case you need to transport troops over long distances, the hinged seats save the day. Simply put, the design was elegant and had no complications.

Apart from a shortened bed space, the wheelbase was also shrunk. Fortunately, this boosted the M-37's maneuverability over non-flat terrains.

The fuel filler neck is 3-inches wide. This permitted fast refills to prevent time losses. The sealable fuel fill neck allowed the truck to ford through shallow stretches of water. Definitely not a daily occurrence, but if the circumstances demanded, it would supply.

The Truck Also Has Other Storage Options

Dodge M37 storage compartment
This Old Truck

The M-37 has storage compartments beside the fuel neck. This small compartment accommodated medium-sized tool kits and spare replacement parts. Hunters could store accessories like knives or even ammunition for their rifles.

If you have long equipment like shovels, the pioneer kit is something you should consider. This kit holds your shovels and rammers in one place and lies behind the droppable single steel-walled tailgate. Even the front seats flip forward and provide more storage room. You could also place a fishing rod below the seats with ease.

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It Uses Military Style Controls And Switches

Dodge M37 contol switches
This Old Truck

To remove any sort of unfamiliarity, all trucks and automobiles built for the army had similar controls. The M-37 wasn't any different. It had the controls of a tank, and any military operator could recognize the switches. The main reason behind such idealism is to remove any sort of time loss on the battlefield.

The cabin is orthodox and consists of military-styled analog gauges and switches. Even though an average would take time to comprehend the controls, the truck is well documented enough to crack the controls. For layman ease, most controls remain labeled on the truck. It even has labeled dos and don'ts for new drivers.

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