Blending the outdoors and cars has been all the rage recently in the automotive industry. There is honestly no other reason to justify why vehicles like the Subaru Outback sell so well. But we are also not complaining because there are some seriously good options out there for those that love the great outdoors. These vehicles mix practicality, good off-road capability, and some other neat features that make venturing into nature just a little easier.

These are the vehicles that are made for outdoor enthusiasts - the people that know that taking the scenic route and going on adventures make for a life well lived. Although there are many vehicles that can make a great companion for those that prefer to be outside, there has been one notable disruptor that has entered the market - this is the Rivian R1T, which is, in the most generalized form, a truck. But it is also so much more than a truck. It sports an all-electric powertrain and essentially anything that one would need when venturing out.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to the Rivian R1T being the best vehicle for outdoor expeditions.

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The Rivian R1T: Off-Road Prowess

via: Rivian

One of the biggest obstacles of getting to some of the best places and adventures outdoors is... well, actually getting there. Some vehicles have the extra body cladding and skid plates, but lack the true ability to excel off-road. But for the Rivian R1T, it can get to even the most remote places thanks to features like its quad electric motors that are mounted on each wheel. This allows for just the right amount of torque to be sent to each wheel, and in turn, the R1T is able to crawl over most obstacles it encounters off-road.

As with a lot of trucks and SUVs that are meant to be driven off the pavement, the R1T has a terrain selection mode that gives it the ability to fine tune its handing over various terrains. Complementing this feature is the R1T’s ability to adjust its ride height, thanks to its air suspension, which helps with its approach angle and straddling large obstacles like rocks. Although the batteries are located on the floor of the R1T, you don’t have to worry about damaging them while off-road because of the reinforced covering that spans the entirety bottom of the truck.

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The Rivian R1T: Practicality Of A Truck While Still Being Friendly To Nature

Rivian Camp Kitchen
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The Rivian R1T marries two things that sometimes may be relatively incompatible. This is because trucks are usually known to down gas, which isn’t ideal for the environment. Most people who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts don’t like to think that they are contributing to nature’s demise. The Rivian R1T completely solves this issue given that it is purely electric. No need to worry about range either because the Rivian R1T has an impressive range of more than 300 miles, and it even has a longer 400-mile range model coming later. Despite being electric, the R1T lets you get off the grid for prolonged amounts of time.

A significant amount of the R1T’s practicality also comes from its unique size. It is large enough to haul plenty of outdoor gear in its four-and-a-half-foot-long bed, as well as a roomy cabin. The size of this Rivian R1T is larger than that of competitors like the Toyota Tacoma, but still smaller than a full-size pickup like the Ford F-150. This means that you have the space that you need while not being overly cumbersome while out on an outdoor adventure.

via: Rivian

Rivian definitely knows its market, which is why the company offered so many accessories that cater to the comfort of the outdoorsy R1T enthusiasts. These accessories span from the basics like crossbars to some more exclusive accessories like a tent that can be mounted on the top of the truck. But with even standard accessories like crossbars, Rivian puts their own flair on it by making them easily removable or attached to either the bed or the roof.

But hands down, the best outdoor party trick the Rivian R1T has is its mobile outdoor kitchen. This can be optioned from the factory, and it includes a stove, sink, dishes, and a prep area. You would think this could pose to be large and unwieldly, but the real magic with all these, is that they are completely stored away in the R1T’s ingenious pass-through storage compartment between the back seats and the bed.

The Rivian R1T is a game changer for the outdoor and general truck enthusiasts alike, as it excels above the rest when it comes to embracing the outdoors and its activities. Even its lock and unlock sounds mimic birds. The R1T does so much to please so many and does it well. Be prepared to see these at a national park at any given time, and we completely understand why.

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This Is How Much A Fully Loaded Rivian R1T Will Cost After The New Pricing
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