You've got to hand it to GM, their direction for the new Hummer was brilliant. A gas-guzzling Hummer looks seriously out of place today (especially with rising gas prices across the nation). The brand name, though, associated with rugged, military vehicles still resonates. So the decision to electrify the Hummer while maintaining that same tough SUV attitude is a smart reinvention. The Hummer grew up.

This weekend, a Hummer EV Edition 1 is crossing Mecum’s auction block. I got a chance to see this electric behemoth up close, and it’s as impressive as you’d expect.

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The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Up Close

White Hummer EV SUV front

Anyone concerned going all-electric would dampen the Hummer's beefy reputation need not worry. This thing is imposing (and equally luxurious on the inside). Everyone wanted a photo with it, even the adults seemed more eager to snap pics than the kids did.

With GM reporting that limited production Hummer EV trucks sold out in the first 10 minutes, the Edition 1 has potential to attract some big bids this weekend. Adding further to its exclusivity is the fact that as of March 1, only 46 Hummer EVs went to the public.

The Hummer EV is a capable off-roader with celebs such as Jay Leno putting it to the test. It's got a 4-wheel system, off-road widgets via infotainment, and adaptive air suspension. The likelihood this Hummer EV's future owner will dare to off-road in this thing, though, is dubious (and we can't really blame them considering the value).

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Will It Crabwalk Across The Auction Block?

Hummer EV Interior driver's seat

Other big selling points surrounding the Hummer EV include its performance, acceleration, and range. According to GM, the 1,000-hp super truck is able to hit 60 mph in just 3 seconds. GM rates the Hummer EV's range at 329 miles (not EPA)—that's less than the initial 350 projection, but still impressive considering the vehicle's 9,000-lb curb weight.

Witnessing this thing cross the auction block will be an event. Fellow HotCars writer Michael Van Runkle couldn't help but speculate whether Mecum was going to try to Crabwalk it over the auction block.

Mecum states this particular one only has 400 miles on it, leaving its future owner a barely broken-in version when it's auctioned off this Saturday.

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